Friday, April 5, 2013

Breathing with the flame

We have a bucket sex list, or a to-do curiosity list. We can now cross off spanking, as he has wonderfully accomplished that. Next up, wax play.

At the sex store, we picked up some candles. We knew we could probably get them cheaper, and just other candles, but we were there anyhow seeing what kind of new mischief we wanted to get into.So we figured: now would be the perfect time to try it out.

First off, he played with the candles, lighting, seeing how long the wax took to burn, tipping it and checking aim. He encouraged me to do the same. I was getting excited: first that he was willing, and secondly because he was gorgeous in low lighting with the candlelight casting shadows of his wide shoulders, focused gaze seemed even more intense reflecting fire, and his hands gently moving in experimentation. I was anxious to see what his body would do when I poured some on him, how it felt when he poured some on me. But for him in that moment, it was more about technique - how does it splatter? Where does it drip? How to get the smaller drips versus the larger amounts? He blew out the candle once he felt satisfied with the answers, and I felt a little disappointed.

Then we had sex for a long time, trying some things we hadn't in awhile, and enjoying a longer session than normal. After the glow of sex was gone (which we realized we should've used candles while we were still sensitive), I decided to put a towel under him, a clear signal I was ready to use the candle.He wanted it on his thigh first, from a far distance. He was a good sport: I was interested in wax play, but I wanted him to be the experiment first. Even at the time, he stated: "this seems more like it will be your thing, than mine. I'm not getting into pain." He directed me to start out high. He didn't like it in the inner thigh, but the outer thigh he was ambivalent about it. Then I persuaded him to move up the chest, where I played around with my aim, and watched him arch and writhe about deliciously as the wax covered various parts of his wide chest, and dribbled upon his nipples. God, he moved in such an erotic way, and I rarely observe him holding his breath in anticipation. I was getting excited, but he wasn't. He wasn't sure how he felt about it when the experience was done.

Next, it was my turn, and he wanted to start on thigh as well. I rolled over to the side slightly - I figured less chance to get the inner thigh, and he dribbled wax on me. It felt okay, but I could see the appeal if I were already sexually heightened. A bit fell and splattered onto the opposite thigh, hitting the inner most part (right before getting to my sex), and that felt a little too overwhelmingly hot. It stung in the spot for quite awhile, and my skin seemed to be expressing a white hot anger at being used thusly. It felt scalding even when the wax began to harden. He moved up a little and started dripping the wax on my hip and ass, and my ass also didn't appreciate the hot sensation quite the same, I couldn't help but yelp and jump a little. "I can see you're going to like this," was his final statement about the whole thing, and truly I am the one getting more into other sensation plays, so he may be right.

We promised to give it a go again, especially immediately following some sex or foreplay. One thing to cross off of our sex bucket list (woohoo for trying new things!).As I was in the glow of a post-orgasm a few days later, the candles being lit nearby, he moved to the side of the bed. Sleepily, I rolled over, and saw the towel. Smiling, I shifted onto it as he lifted the candle off of the nightstand. I held my breath, anticipation building, a sharp contrast to the sleepy lull I was going through. I watched him holding the candle, mesmerized by the dancing flame, by the hand that was holding it. I was so focused on the candle that I didn't appreciate the shadow play across my lover's face, didn't even glance anywhere else but where he may be headed.

He tipped, and a small drop fell and splattered onto my stomach. I didn't expect it, even watching it, and it was quickly joined by another unexpected scattering of drops. I couldn't predict where it would go, how it would move, how it felt on the different places that he was exploring. Some fell in small streams, to cascade upon me suddenly, increasing the heat, and creating little pathways across the skin, before cooling into a line. My chest handled it slightly better than lower on my stomach and hips, the curving in of my waist. My nipples puckered, wondering if wax would kiss the hardened buds. I seemed to breath in time with the flame dancing, or tipping.

I began to thoroughly enjoy when he became more consistent with his placement of the wax. My body, already sensitive from orgasms, thrilled anew and tightened deliciously after the initial fear faded.

s  p l  a  t t  e r,

There was no pattern, but there began to be pleasure in the pain. My skin delighted in this newest sensation, my breathing stayed irregularly in time with the flame, my sex clenched. I wasn't certain if I delighted in every drop, but I was certainly responding with renewed sexual vigor. I moved, arched, twitched, sighed, yelped. It was by no means a slow sensual movement and sound that I was exhibiting. He said something, an affirmation that he could tell I was enjoying it, but his message was muted by my own avaricious conflict of the ruling wax.

When he decided he was done, I rolled up onto my knees and started slowly peeling the wax off of him. I must've looked sexy, as a rare compliment came from him and his eyes didn't move from my body, candlelight casting a glow on the sensitive skin and droplets of his teasing. My hands suddenly moved a little slower, grazed areas and little longer, and fingertips explored and lingered over skin and wax. Intentional now, this movement was the slow sensual kind. His hands were not long in joining my own over my body.

I would like to say that he enjoyed the second try of wax on him, but he didn't. We both enjoyed the second session of sex after our experimenting. Still a happy ending, and one new thing that I can add to my kink. I can't wait to try it out with binds and blindfold, then knife play. I love new possibilities with the right lover.

So glad we did this before the kink of the week, as well!


  1. The thrill of discovery is always welcome, and exciting. Thanks for taking me by the hand so I can enjoy it right along with you...


  2. What an adventure! I really enjoyed reading the details as you two experimented with something completely new. I also really liked the "bucket list" concept you mentioned at the beginning. That's a really great idea. Wonderful post all round.


  3. This is a play that Sir and I both love well! It was interesting to watch you trying it, seeing what parts you liked and didn't. Enjoy the play!! :)

    ~Kazi xxx

  4. I love that this second KOTW complemented your experimentation so well. :-) And very much enjoy reading about your adventures.

    In an interesting coincidence, my partner Ad wanted me to try wax on him recently, and under W's watchful eyes I did (being very unsure of the "how's" of doing anything remotely "toppy," I wanted W to guide me.) Ad REALLY didn't like it. He thought he would, I thought he would, but nope, not his thing.

  5. That was real hot sex indeed with those wax dripping over both of you!

  6. This was very interesting - a great post! It's refreshing sometimes to hear someone who is not 100% enthusiastic about something kinky or who is still a little unsure - it is comforting to those of us who are still too scared to try but curious enough to want to talk about it! I enjoyed reading this!