Sunday, November 25, 2012


I awaken to strong hands stroking my body, expertly tracing the outlines of my shape. Warm gentle kisses on the back of my neck and gentle tugging on nipples send chills down my spine, where the feeling changes to heat and pools between my thighs. You slide in deep, rubbing the right places, slowly stroking in and back out again continually. My body arches, aching to increase the tempo, throbbing.  A dance to smoothly shift, now my heels can dig into your hips to pull you deeper, faster.  Not enough. I roll you over and take control, poised over you, easing myself down, tight, tensed, ready for release. Thrusting hips up into my tightened body, watching as the intensity of the full length of you penetrates my already tormented body, wrapping your fingers around my hips, fervently grasping and pulling closer, rubbing my clit against you as you glide as deep inside as possible, until my orgasm sends me swaying and satiated.

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