Friday, June 14, 2013

Naked Woman Clothes

FFF: Apartment No 6

Word Limit - 369
Required Phrase - Bewildered
Forbidden Words - Knock, Lock(ed), Super
Extra Credit - Set the story during mid-day.
Bonus Words -
Tell us how she got the slipper (25 words)
Tell us about the neighborhood (25 words)

The machine made a horrible racket and then stopped working. It felt like her heart stopped too. She had an interview in thirty minutes. She opened the dryer door, and her meager collection of clothes were sopping wet. A curse word escaped her lips, think. Her friend, Katie, was moving out today of apartment 6, next door, and since it was midday she was hoping Katie was there and not finished moving. Peeking out her door, no one was in the hallway, not even a noise, and she slipped her feet in her slippers and rushed down the hall.

When she rapped desperately on the door, she realized how ridiculous she was. What was the point of slippers if she was butt naked? Habit, but she must look insane. And she still had the notes for the interview in her hand. She could only hope Katie would answer, laugh, pull her inside, and loan her some clothes so that she could make it to the interview desperately needed.

A man opened the door. Bewildered, she wondered if someone new had already moved to this rundown neighborhood- this was an interesting way to say hello and greet your neighbor. She didn't know if she should scream, apologize, walk away or say something...anything. He was staring, gorgeous eyes, broad shouldered, bulging biceps. "Like what you see?" he asked, her gaze was obvious.

She snapped out of her confusion. Shrugging, she decided false bravado. "Like what you see?" she parried back, and then stood on tiptoe, looking for Katie. "Is Katie here?"

"No, I'm her brother, and she's at the new place."

She found boxes and ducked around him, moving in. "Tell her Natalie borrowed some clothes for an interview. Does she still have some here?" already rummaging, she didn't see the appreciative look in his eyes.

"What will you give me if I show you?" he teased. She faced him, gorgeous she thought again.

"A date tonight, followed up by a massage for your help moving and showing a naked woman clothes."
He laughed, "never thought I'd show a sexy lady how to cover herself," he said as he walked past towards a room. She said a silent thanks and followed close behind. She'd make it to the interview on time, and had a date with a hottie to celebrate tonight. She just hoped he was paying, money was a little tight right now.    


  1. A wonderful spin on the "locked out naked" scenario, and a date thrown in on top of it. I used to do my laundry in the laundry room across the hall from my apartment and made "the naked leap" more than a few times, but darn my luck, the sexy neighbor in 1425 never noticed.

    Thanks for playing, I love seeing you on the list!

  2. Yet another great view of what was happening. I love the "borrow a cup of clothing" scenario. :) I like that in spite of the dryer malfunctions, she had some good things happen.

  3. Replies
    1. John we are quite simply stalking each other! I posted on yours right about the same time you did on mine. Yours was amazingly hot.

  4. Well of course she is wearing slippers, do you know the germs that might be all over an apartment hallway.

    He must be gorgeous to get away with the Quid Pro Quo deal!

  5. I wish I had neighbors with gorgeous brothers! Great take! So fun FFFing with you!

  6. A cute story!