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Sunday, March 31, 2013

March's Madness

So, A had an idea. She suggested that each month we review and list some of our favorites, including one from each other. I think it's brilliant, and we're going with it! Our top three each:

M's March Magnificence:

Favorite Photo:
The Big Ugly created this scene called "The Happy Homemaker", on March 7th. I think it's brilliant, but most of hers are. Many contain nudity, but this one is my favorite just because recently I've been feeling domestically challenged... and exhausted.

Sister's Choice:
A favorite of my sister's, A, would have to be Quickie. I don't believe it is her best piece, but often readers aren't always drawn towards the eloquently written. Sometimes it is more personal; I do so love the quickie moment, as a parent and wife to a busy life, quickies tend to be the thing I experience the most. Even a quick release is a sweet release, especially with someone who knows all the right places to go and the things that I love.
A has become very photo happy and hasn't written as much this month. Despite that, Finale is an amazing piece from her.

Outside blog:
And the most useful blog I've read this month would have to be Adventures in Lube-Land by Lorax of Sex. My husband and I have been having conversations about lube, and the many different types we need depending on what we get involved in. Our knowledge wasn't as extensive as I thought, so I am grateful to add some knowledge.


Favorite Photo:
Birthday Challenge by Marie Rebel is my choice this month. I love the candle, the lighting, and the way that you get tantalizing peeks at her piercings and lovely tattoo. It's beautiful and provocative and I think a great way to say happy birthday! Talk about eating cake!

Sister's Choice:
My choice this month for M's is a personal one as well. Spanking Noob made me laugh in gleeful delight. Not only had my sister been talking about wanting to do this forever, it is one of my favorite things. I hope she makes it into subspace soon. The reason I like this post the most is that it's like seeing a new awakening. Exploration is a great thing and it's awesome to be reminded of what it was like first exploring those boundaries.

Outside blog:

My favorite post this month is shorter, and incredibly sweet. The post I chose is What is erotic by Silverdropstoybox and SilverHubby. It is the perfect definition, individual and loving, just like the people who posted it. This post melted my heart and reminded me that erotic is many things to many different people and erotic things can be found anywhere.

We can't wait to continue being inspired and sharing our naughty adventures with you and hearing yours...

"Hey M, next month can we call it "Ass April?"


  1. Aww this is so sweet. Thanks for including my blog in your shortlist :)

    Rebel xox

  2. Thanks. We're mildly embarrassed which, given some of the stuff on our blog, is more than a little amusing.