Monday, March 25, 2013

Spanking Noob

This kink response will differ vastly from my sister's.

I was one of those people who didn't "get it" at all. Why would anyone want to be spanked? I didn't enjoy pain in the slightest, it was one on my "no-no" list.
And then he started sucking on my nipples, hard, and I craved his mouth to increase the intensity, to make them hurt. I loved the feeling of being sore afterwards too, of knowing that he was there. Of my nipples hardening by fabric, of me turned on from nothing other than the sensitive little bits of rose-colored flesh.

And I became curious...would I like spanking?
For some reason, as I was still debating this whole issue, right after multiple orgasms one night he smacked my ass, hard. I moaned and lifted my bottom, feeling the sting, feeling my already sensitive but exhausted vaginal muscles tighten so quickly that I was almost lost to another orgasm. The imprint of his large hand covered almost one entire cheek, which he stroked softly and almost in apology. Almost, because my moan gave away my delight. He was almost as surprised he spanked me as I was. But the stroking so much more sensitive, my hot burning skin felt soothed but expectant to touch. The lightest graze felt so much more intense.

And I became curious...would I like more? Harder?
I've asked for it, but considering this is new territory to us both, he is hesitant. He is afraid of hurting me, but I become more anxious to be hurt by this activity. At first, he would rarely spank me, only once, and only after multiple orgasms. Then, with more encouragement, he would bring his hand down upon my ass at the height of an orgasm. Now, he will do it intermixed, and with slightly more frequency. Recently, he spanked me three times, curious more than any other motivation if he could see the different imprints. After three smacks on the same cheek, it looked something like a peacock. I loved it.

He has never bruised me. I am excited to see if I enjoy this, but again, I need to work at his pace, with his comfort level. But what we have done so far, I have loved and enjoyed.
The fantasy would be at this point simply to have him go rougher, with more frequency. And I hope to one day take a picture of my reddened ass, burning but oh-so-sensitive. Or a bruised one - a constant reminder of what he's done, how he made me feel, and how badly I want it all over again.

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  1. This is a lovely post. It is great to hear from someone at the beginning of their spanking journey, so much of what you have written made me smile as I think you might have found yourself a new kink!


    Ps... Thank you so much for the lovely comment on my post too

  2. I've had similar experiences, from the spankers perspective. I've had some partners who asked for it and as hard I would smack, it was obvious that I wasn't hitting hard enough.

    But you know what? I've learned how to leave a night bright red handprint on a ladies ass, if that's what she wants!

  3. I totally know what you mean about feeling curious as to whether you'd like it even harder. I have been curious about this myself. And I never considered getting spanked while trying to actually reach orgasm - it almost seems like it would distract the hell out of me, but then again... I do like it... something else new to try ;-) I can't get on board yet with the nipple pain though - it really really hurts and I don't know if I can take it! I'm excited to hear more about how your spanking (and anything else for that matter) intensifies!

  4. This is a wonderful addition to the Spanking theme - thank you so much for participating!

    I remember wondering the same thing, "Will I like it?" and honestly, I still wonder that. Every time is like the first time. I *know* there are certain things I enjoy, certain intensities, and even certain types of spanking that I can orgasm from (or that will tip me over into an orgasm if I am on the edge.) But I never know if *this* time it will be like that. That is one of the things that is so exciting about it for me.

    Thanks again for joining in!

  5. The question is always, "Will I like it?"

    The difference between a boring and a fulfilling sex life is simply the willingness to say "Let's find out."

    To many people never get to that answer, they shut down and back away. I say FIND OUT! If you like it, great, if not, then move on.

    Good for you for giving the right answer.

  6. It's wonderful to discover things together and it sounds like you are definitely at the start of discovering just how far you would like to take this spanking adventure. Exciting!

    Rebel xox