Monday, March 4, 2013

Piece by Piece

I want  you, need you, every inch of you

The touch of your skin against mine

The taste of your lips like passion's dew

As when we were that very first time

Tongues mesh, begin nibbling on lips

Mouths meld hot and fervor breaths

Move to your neck, soft kisses, playful nips

Sensitive skin, hearing your sharp intake of breath

Cloth barriers become a tug-of-war

I want you, need you, such a longing

Clothes find scattered places on the floor

My body aches, skin hot and burning

A moan escapes me as hands explore

The feel of you, the flavor of your body

I want to taste every part and more

Your fingers roam, slip inside slowly

Velvet secrets, closed eyes, arched back

Buttons pressed, I need you,  now

Inside of me, consuming,  building climax

Uttered prayers, my  begging vow

Skin against me, lower yourself gently

Feathery kisses and utterly filling

Slowly, engulfing, then urgently

Screaming, giving, more demanding

Capturing, surrendering, rhythms seethe

Grasping, relaxing, sweet release

Need, Want, Love, you're all that I breathe

Lovingly drifting back piece by piece.

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