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Friday, November 30, 2012

The Sigh

As I lay in my bath the steam rises and clouds the mirror, a damp tendril of hair curves around my breast as it shimmers in the candle light.
A sigh escapes my lips in the form of your name.
I run my fingers lightly down, smoothing a stray strand of hair from my forehead, brushing a fingertip across a taunt nipple, trailing my hand in the water. The scent of flowers rises from the steamy heat but all I can smell is your body, all I can taste is your mouth.
All I want is your arms, and the heat that I feel to be created by the friction of our bodies as we find madness and sanity in each other. I'm waiting for you with an ache only you can fill and a desire that is unending.
I wait with a sigh escaping my lips in the form of your name.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Not so thankful Thanksgiving...

I am sexually demanding. I acknowledge that and will rarely make apologies for it. So when I demanded sex on a daily basis before agreeing to marriage, it was a clear expectation.

And then the military gets him more than I do....

I am patient, understanding, waiting; always waiting.

And then he actually had a whole four days off. I was wet just thinking about it. I told him all the things I wanted us to do. Expressed the desire to be mindless from so many orgasms. We had no kids for the holiday, I took out our ties and proudly kept them on our bed posts. This was not going to be our normal routine, obligatory sex. Oh, no sir.

And then reality set in, like his exhaustion from actually having time off. So when I demanded, and he agreed, the sex was good, I still wanted it. But I wanted a partner who wants me just as fiercely. This has been a battle in every relationship; it is clearly an internal conflict at this point in my life.

It's not about love. He loves me with an intensity that is unquestionable. It is a separate, and still important, ingredient in our relationship. I need to feel desired. Even after three times throughout the day, I want to be played with, touched, pulled towards, thrown on the bed and fucked senseless, even if we were just there minutes ago. We don't have many opportunities to be spontaneous, languorous.

It's not about adequacy. With the merest of touches, he pushes buttons and an orgasm gushes. But I wanted an urgency, a fervent lust, a physical worship, a need like breath. I didn't want the one-sided initiation every time. I wanted out of our routine....

Sunday, November 25, 2012


I awaken to strong hands stroking my body, expertly tracing the outlines of my shape. Warm gentle kisses on the back of my neck and gentle tugging on nipples send chills down my spine, where the feeling changes to heat and pools between my thighs. You slide in deep, rubbing the right places, slowly stroking in and back out again continually. My body arches, aching to increase the tempo, throbbing.  A dance to smoothly shift, now my heels can dig into your hips to pull you deeper, faster.  Not enough. I roll you over and take control, poised over you, easing myself down, tight, tensed, ready for release. Thrusting hips up into my tightened body, watching as the intensity of the full length of you penetrates my already tormented body, wrapping your fingers around my hips, fervently grasping and pulling closer, rubbing my clit against you as you glide as deep inside as possible, until my orgasm sends me swaying and satiated.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Started innocent

We talk at night, sleepy musings. We face each other often, and your breath will brush my face. I stare at your supple lips; the bottom one always begs to be sucked.

Mesmerizing, your lips. Dangerous. It is meant to be innocent, my leaning in to briefly touch lips to yours. The slightest touch pulls, shivers down, tightens lower.

Your lopsided, sexy smile, almost knowing the effect. My tongue touches that smile, your arms gather me, encircling closer. My own arms circle your neck, trying to close a space that no longer exists as my tongue plunges deeper.

You give as much as me, a parry of tongue, appreciative noises, seeking lips, breath. Thoughts no longer exist, just the warmth of our bodies, the ache of growing needs.

My hands are everywhere, trying to close every space, feel every muscle. My legs even wrap around you to bring you where I need you most.

With the fierce contact of our mouths, I echo what I want between my legs, where I'm instinctively pulling you.

It started out innocently enough.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Bad Thoughts

        Sometimes I sit at home. And just think. I think of things I shouldn’t. I think of you. Heat, sweat, moans, standing alone in a moment. Whispers flash through my head, bad they say, but oh so good. Sacrifice, maybe something I shouldn’t have done. Possibly fates damning force. Feel. Taste, touch, sight, overwhelming my body. Driving me crazy. Just the thought of the things I want to do to you. They make my mouth water as I see my lips, my tongue, and my hands all over your body. Flashing, coursing, burning through my head. Bad, so bad, but oh my…so good. I bite my lip. Stop, I try but to no avail. So wonderful, overpowering, consuming, fulfilling it would be. Each time you are near, my body begs for your touch. I behave in ways I shouldn’t. Erotic. Pulsating. Hot, wet, hard. Oh yeah, just once, one chance, one moment. A memory to savor on cold nights. I can already hear my screams for more playing in my head as if they have already happened. Waiting. Holding on for the moment. I think of you and my blood soars. I can feel your hard breathing next to my ear; I can hear your heart beating so fast. Your body…pressed so close to mine. Can’t get enough. Bad, so good, stop, oh well. I can’t help it, I won’t try, don’t want to. Make me feel the things I want. I can almost taste you in my mouth, smell you on my skin, and feel you on my body. Bad thoughts…oh they feel so good.