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About M

I'm a professional in my thirties, while balancing being a flexible military wife, and mother to three. I find myself often surprised at what being a military wife entails, and am by no means an expert at any of it.

I thought I had more hard limits than what I truly do. My sexy husband and I are beginning to explore exactly what both our limits are - and I'm gently trying to persuade him into being more dominant. I am always in control, always the decision maker and boundary enforcer, in both my personal and professional life - I would love to relinquish control at least in my sex life.

I think part of the appeal of this blog is a recent move made me feel isolated, and I felt trapped in my own thoughts, with no sense of community. Since blogging, I definitely feel the warm welcoming community of sex bloggers. And because my thoughts are most likely on sex, this just seems to be a good fit.

I am the eldest sister. I am most often the editor and decision maker of the blog; as well as the more frequent commentor on other blogs.

Random facts:
I insist that I am 5 ft (1.524 m) tall, though my husband insists I am slightly shorter.
My feet are the size of my husband's hands (hey, random facts, right?)
I rarely use makeup - for that reason I really don't know how to apply it.
I rarely do my hair in anything other than ponytail - and yeah, really don't know how to style it.
I love yoga, strength training, and hiking, though my love of brownies keeps my figure softer.
I love to read.

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