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About A

By M:  "The exhibitionist of the pair.

Single and the baby of the sisters.

Writes more of the kink and darker posts.

The majority of the twitter antics."

I'm the crazy one, no doubt. I explore sex and rarely say no. I'm a rope bunny with a penchant for naughty antics, subspace, and random photos. Before our participation in photo memes on this blog I had never taken a naked, or even semi nude photo. My naked album on my phone is now 200+.

I'm mostly professional, always curious, and having a wonderful time with my single adventures. I love twitter, so you guys are talking to me about 90% of the time on there. I am an equal opportunity flirt who is beginning to enjoy all the penis pictures she gets sent. M asked me if I'd like to participate in this blog, she had read naughty things I had written before and knew I had the writing chops and passion for it. I instantly said yes. I'm grittier, whereas she is eloquence embodied. I write a lot from the burning passion emotional view, my headspace.

Working on this blog with M I have discovered some amazing sex blogs and read them constantly... I always laugh when I can't wait to comment on something and I scroll down and there is M, beating me to the punch. I lurk a lot. For some reason I don't always know what to say, but don't worry, I'm a voyeur  so I'm still looking and reading.

M is a complete liar as I am the tallest in the family at 5ft even, and she is at minimum an inch shorter than I am. Being the oldest she's notoriously bossy, that's why she makes the decisions ;).
In all actuality, M is the rock. She always has direction and I think she enjoys seeing me scamper about off leash, it's when I'm my most entertaining. She keeps me grounded and makes our blog a thriving growing little place.
Random Facts: 

I almost compulsively bathe, like 3 baths a day. Between that and my enjoyment of boy shorts and fuzzy socks I'm almost always naked at home.

I have a wonderful fulfilling career that I love, but I still don't know what I want to do when I grow up.

It took awhile to accept my curves. I used to hid behind beautiful clothing and the concealment of leaving the lights off. My shape hasn't changed, but I've begun to find the beauty in it... Hey, I'm in shape... the shape just happens to be round.

I'm a one line genius, and do our taglines for posts.

Anal porn is my favorite.

I dress like a pinup almost everyday, and I wear dresses almost always.

I'm a phenom when it comes to makeup and hair and M therefore constantly uses me as her stylist.

I have been dating men in the military since I first started dating, growing up next to a base, guess who the hottest men in town were?

My words to live by are "Breath, then leap"

<3 A

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