Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Jolly June

M's picks:

Category: Strong Personal Response. From the very first day of June, I'd already found a favorite. A Firmer Hand: Play Time:On all fours little one,” what about that first line had me going? I'm little and that's a title I'm familiar with, and the immediately being thrusted into a command in the story had me immediately responding to it.

Category: Poetry with a new kink of mine. FridayErotica: When the Hand Talks Back. The colored beginning from the "dark eyes hidden in dark hair" to the pinpointed body parts' tension and position, kink was the last thing I expected.

Category: Slow sensual seduction. Secrets of a Blue-Eyed Vixen speaks of anticipation that made me shiver and need. Bound is accompanied by pictures and small details like fingertips following along the collarbone.

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