Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Unexpected

There was a moment, when he walked in that I paused to appreciate the body of this handsome new man who going to be working with us. Long muscular legs leading up a a frankly fantastic ass; I could already picture my nails sinking into it as I asked for more...

In fact, the image was too vivid, almost deja vu. It was then that I glanced up into familiar, amused eyes and realized my nails had already marked that skin, my hands had explored every inch of that remarkable body and my mouth had tasted his core. Shit.

The memories came crashing back of a conference in another state. A hotel bar and later room. A week spent avoiding the conference meetings as much as possible to steal moments alone. I had worshiped him on my knees and served his will as though it were my own. I never thought to see him again, let alone be working with him. My cheeks bloomed with color as I thought of how uncomfortable this had the potential to be.

The hits kept coming as I found out that not only was he in my company now, he was in my group... The group that I led. From submissive lover to boss- that was the leap I was supposed to make. Luckily, one of the things I had previously found attractive in him still held true, he was charming, smart, and above all professional. He deferred as a subordinate should, asked my opinion when unsure, and treated me with courtesy and respect. The potential complications I worried over never came to be. It was as though it had never happened.

Dammit. Why couldn't I then stop thinking about it? The hours spent in bliss, writhing in his arm, played like a song over and over again in my head. I dreamed of him. I tossed and turned aching with the need of him covering my body. I never let on through word or deed that I even remembered our time together, but my body betrayed me. My pulse would quicken and my eyes dilate when he was near. The scent of him drove me crazy and made me damp.

The rest of the office had gone and I was left behind to see to the final details on a project that had caused us all a few late nights lately. I was tired, irritable, and immeasurably thankful to be alone finally after the noise and hectic frenzy of the day. I was immersed in the papers in front of me when I heard the whisper of fabric and the scent that announced who my visitor was before I even saw him. An arm reached past my shoulder to deposit a chai ice tea in front of me. This was the first thing he had done to indicate that he knew me from another life, another place. Those ice teas being a favorite of mine. I held it and turned as I took a sip to look up into his heartbreakingly handsome face.

"I figured you could use this, you've certainly earned it."

His hand reached out to brush an errant hair back in place. It had certainly been a long day and I was not proof against those strong fingers stroking my face. I nuzzled into his hand slightly like a kitten looking for affection. The look in his eyes changed and suddenly I was back at that conference, suddenly I was with the man I had know so well before.

He gently took the cup from my hands and set it aside. I was trapped and incapable of movements. This was insanity but I couldn't move if the building had been set afire, because it was my blood that was burning through my veins in withdraw from his touch. The conference room which had doubled as our war room during these last minute preparations was anything but private. The hallways were dark and deserted on the other side of the glass from us and I honestly couldn't dredge up more than the smallest concern for the risks. He was mine here and now and there was no walking away for either of us.

His hand suddenly shifted into my hair and pins went flying as he gripped me firmly and tilted my head to best receive his searching mouth. He tasted like mint and smelled like water. Strong arms held me in security as madness overtook us. I pressed my body ever closer to his and was more than ready to receive all that he was willing to give. His hands slide down the curves of my body and he lifted my leg to his hips. Frustrated at the hampering tightness of my skirt, it was quickly lifted to my waist.

Papers rained to the floor from the hasty sweeps of our arms across the big smooth surface of the conference table. The wood was cool against my fevered skin as I was laid across the table. His hands seemed to be everywhere at once when suddenly I felt his mouth at the very center of me, his tongue flicked across my clit sending waves of pleasure playing across my every nerve. I was ready to explode. I needed him like air. My hands gripped his hair to drag him up so that my trembling fingers could fumble to undo his belt.

I felt like a teenager. The intense desire coupled with the thrill of the forbidden, the fact that at any time someone could come back for a forgotten object and happen upon us; all of this combined totaled up to almost more than I could handle. I finally wrapped my fingers around his hardened shaft and my name escaped his lips in a breathless moan as he gripped my shoulders and nipped at my neck.

Neither of us could stand to be separate a moment longer, so when he grasped my hips and slid me to meet his waiting cock at the edge of the table I almost wept in relief. My body gripped him as he slid inside of me and welcomed him home. We both rocked into each other in a rhythm as old as days. The crescendo was higher than a mountain when we reached it. The throbbing of his orgasm inside of me pushed me over the edge of mine and I squeezed every last drop from him.

Sated, panting, and covered in a fine sheen of sweat we looked at the chaos around us. He tenderly cupped my cheeks and nibbled at my lips while promising to help clean up. My irritability and fatigue suddenly forgotten I couldn't help but to chuckle and the improbability of it all. I didn't know what I expected to feel like after this, but I certainly wasn't expecting to be this at ease. We were both adults, and both dedicated professionals. I knew our working relationship would remain the same, but I knew with just as much certainty that I wouldn't have to suffer through withdraw from him again.

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  1. Oh my, I felt every inch of that!! Wonderfully written!

    ~Mia~ xx

  2. The boss and the submissive, all into one package. I love it!

    Rebel xox

  3. Ooooh...this was hot stuff! Got me hot!

  4. Lovely little story! Great writing, very erotic.

  5. *melts into a puddle of hot sticky goo*

    I'll be in my bunk.

    xx Dee

  6. Working life becomes more sexy and enjoyable after this!

  7. I always love reading your stories.

  8. I am the "boss" now (or will be when HR sign it all off) and I am, at least sometimes, submissive at home. However, I don't think I could work with my wife!

    So well written :)

  9. " I almost wept in relief. "

    That is powerful writing and a wonderful story. How true is it?