Wednesday, July 31, 2013


He always asked so much of me, demanding, pushing, making me work and hang on the precipice. Today was no different.
I could tell it was going to be intense. The gleam in his eyes and the almost patient anticipation of a spider were warning enough... I didn't require the verbal as well to know that I'd be in for some new experiences.
While I was excited I was also a little apprehensive. My skin flushing and my nerves jumping in anticipation. Hands smoothing down bare skin, making my blood warm, that connection of our eyes making my heart pound, all the opening notes of a symphony of pleasure we were about to create.

I'm flipped over on my stomach and I hear him rummage in my toy drawer. It seems we'll be working on the pleasure and less on the pain today. I soon feel my favorite Lelo teasing at my entrance and quickly change my mind about it being about pleasure today.... He always finds  a way to torture me. It feels like he's down there for ever, playing, teasing me into a mass of nerves. Suddenly, my toy is full inserted and  feel him move away.... With my toy still buzzing away inside of me.

Um, yeah. I'm suddenly distracted from the sexual frustration he's brought me to. Red flag arning signs are going off in my head and I KNOW something is coming. I got comfortable, wasn't looking ahead, and got caught. He's so good at this. Cool, smooth, I feel the hair brush sliding against the skin of my ass and I am apprehensive. The hair brush hurts, but I can take it. Then comes the twist.

"Don't drop your toy... I'll be very disappointed if you let go of that toy so you need to hold onto it like a good slut"

I'm fucked. Absolutely fucked. My pc muscles are incredibly strong and I push men out when orgasming. The slightest tensing of my body and that toy is coming out. Suddenly the first sharp whack of the hair brush lands on my posterior and I clench. The toy comes almost completely out.

"Tsk tsk. You don't want your toy? You don't want the pleasure I am trying to give you? If you drop it one more time we'll just carry on with the spanking them and skip the orgasm"

Sigh, this is going to take concentration. And that is his goal. When we play, I find zen. I focus and am able to block out a deal of the pain. This only works however, if I can focus on that. I can't focus on zen if I'm focusing every fiber of my being on not dropping my toy. I feel every inch of that brush. My ass blooming in glorious color and I can feel the heat coming up. A particularly enthusiast swing lands in a sensitively overused area and I tense again. The toy doesn't come out completely, but enough to draw his attention. He sighs and I know I'm in trouble, just unsure of the amount.

"it looks like it's going to take a bit more training to ensure you always obey."

The toy is removed and a series of blows fall on my already abused flesh until I'm squirming and tears are leaking from my eyes. Just as quickly I'm flipped over and entered swiftly. Filled to the hilt and I orgasm almost instantly, squeezing my lover much harder than that toy. The tightening of my body increases his tempo and he fills with his orgasm. Such a whirlwind of sensations and emotions, the mental play as exquisite as the physical play. I'm sated and wilted and in that place where the world is calm and quiet and I am perfectly at ease; the world does not exist outside of us. 

He went on to teach me to heed his warning and I'm pleased to say I've enjoyed every lessons...

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  1. I like his mental challenges, awesome scene. Thanks for sharing Cammies.

  2. That was wonderful to read.
    A great image. Thank you!

  3. This is so hot and beautiful to read. What a great scene! Thanks so much for sharing!

    Rebel xox

  4. I love my wife playing with my mind; set "challenges" I know I can't win but I love losing at, but get frustrated at the same time. The brain really is the most powerful sex organ we have! :)

  5. He should satisfy you instead of relying on the vibrator to do the job.

  6. Being made to hold the whip or once a knife in my teeth while he abused my bum was a real mental challenge as much as a physical one I really had to focus on not letting go not matter.


  7. Oh, I loved this. I can relate... SO WELL!

  8. This is a great mental challenge as well as a physical one as the orgasms when they came were so much more intense - weren't they!

    ~Mia~ xx