Friday, August 2, 2013

Pleasure Pool

Sweat covered her body like diamonds of decoration. She peeled away, slowly despite the heat, layers of clothes, allowing herself to feel the sliding of material against her feverish skin, the slight drying effect as the fabric moved, and newly exposed skin prickling at the sensation of fan kissing it with air. She undid her bra and tossed it to the side, the last of her layers, and the burdening of breasts constrained, the heavy weight falling slightly, the nipples puckering with the air circulating around them.

The dry desert sky mirrored the blue of the inviting pool, not even a cloud in the sky to give way which was which; it was so dry the skin cried out for moisture that the pool offered. She slipped in a foot, ripples floating outward, blurring both blues. Another foot, and then down a step where the water lapped gently against her calves. As she proceeded deep enough where the water almost reached her sex, the coolness became a sharp distinction against the warmth of her inner thighs, and she hesitated. Breathing, she took another step, her heated sex was licked with wet cold. Down, over the hips and waist, she delayed again, placed her hands over her breasts, unable for a second to resist the urge to play with the tight buds, and submerged the rest of her. The soft but sweltering underneath of the breasts shocked by a cold they rarely feel, she gave a gasp and then smiled as finally she was cooled down.

The navy water served as a barrier against the red ball of fire beaming endlessly down, and she was happily cocooned. Bare skin relished the divergence, open skies with not even the whisper of wings overhead, she felt the only one in the unbroken desert.  She swam a few laps, enjoying the sensation of the water skimming across her flesh, and then turned over and floated. Her mount almost bobbing up, teasing with just the slightest peek, the peaks of her breasts fully exposed to the warm sky.

The nipples were still hardened points, and she put her feet down, fingers now skimming and tugging at them. Concealed in the complete open, she began exploring her body with pleasure.  She touched her still warm cheeks with cold hands, water cascading down her neck before reuniting with the pool’s barrier. She lifted up the now heavy weight of her hair, a slight warm breeze caressing the back of her neck. Her breasts were unusually weightless in the water, slightly more than a handful, and as she pinched the nipples, she felt the sensation traveling down and pooling at her sex. Fingertips slowly traced the curve of waist to hip, and she moved with deliberation to the inside of her thighs, still warmer than most of her skin. Nails slowly slid up and down and back again on the inside, almost to her wanton lips.

She traced the inside of her lips with soft fingers, not parting them, teasing herself with the anticipation. Her clit begging for an accidental touch, hardening slightly, more exposed. She circled it softly, barely flicking the tip with a finger, feeling an immediate tightening in her core with the touch. Two fingers began massaging the sensitive bud, one on the side, sliding up and down leisurely, occasionally the thumb pressing at the top between them, giving a soft pinch. The sensation caused immediately sensitization, an electrical current of pleasure making its way down her thighs, causing right below her toes to throb, wanting to curl into the pressure there. Her fingers drifted further into her lips. She parted them, and moved against the overwhelming heat in the cold pool. Resistance at first due to the water not being as slippery as her own juices, she pressed one finger into her depth, teasing in and out a few times, before slipping in another finger. She curled her fingertips slightly, her palm cupping her clit, and applied more pressure and moved slightly in and out, up and down her wall. Waves rippled across the surface, echoing her movement with a slight noise, the water between her clit and palm swished in the most delightful way. Moving with more purpose, feeling a tightening around her fingers, and a tensing in her core, she moved more frantically against and in herself, the water continuing to assist adding to the heightened sensations, her fingers strumming along a delicious spot.
Wave after wave of pleasure continued to build until she became lost to her surrounding, letting out a little cry, the climax crashed into her and she leaned against the side of pool for balance. The water lapped in the same rhythm as her movement had, and she smiled and slowly extricated her fingers, enjoying the cool contrast around them where her fervor had been.

Now, she was relaxed, letting her thoughts drift like her body, floating weightlessly in the pool. 

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