Thursday, August 15, 2013

FFF: Challenge

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Word Length = 200
Required Phrase = Obligation
Forbidden Words = Payment, Prediliction, Prostitution
Extra Credit = Make it personal
Bonus Words = 25 extra for explaining the tuxedos, 25 more if this isn't about the money

She had an obligation. She was to belong to the men in the room, to be whatever they wished for her to be. That was what her lover demanded, and his will was her pleasure, proof of devotion and love.

"Caress the tips of your breasts," was the first request, and she did until they stiffed and rose, gazing down instead of the men. One man was silent the entire time, almost detached from her actions, the other issuing the commands.

When he commanded she strip of her panties and ride him, she felt a pleasure in following through. She was good at being on top, knew when to tease and when to grind.

He grabbed her hips, and she was swiftly reassured in his moans, his body beginning to perspire, his hands clenching her more, and his hips thrusting. She arched back and her own scream of pleasure erupted.

She looked at the other man in the room, his body calm and composed. Did he even watch them, she wondered. She felt drawn to him, compelled to make him want her, to wrest the same pleasure from him, to make her lover proud. She felt herself growing excited with the challenge.


  1. Just sit there and looking at what's going on is no fun!

  2. We always want what we can't have, don't we?

    When I was at a strip club and just chatting with one of the dancers she pointed out a man like the one in the picture and said that all the new girls tried to sell him on a lap dance but he never accepted. he just watched the girls on stage, left a big tip for the waitresses and left.

    But, she admitted, all the girls wanted to be the first to make him crack.

    I love your take on the picture, her perspective was interesting.

  3. Lovely take; there are so many things I want, and because I can't have some of them I want them more. Desiring them more than I should.

  4. Sounds like a lot of fun to me. Great story.

  5. Please don't let me ever get that devoted to a man.. glad she could make the best of it! Great take! So fun FFFing with you! I'm so glad you posted so I wasn't last. :)

  6. That would be a challenge ~ Good one ~