Sunday, August 11, 2013

Hospital Scavenger Hunt

There are only so many ways to stay entertained in the ER

So I decided it was time to do some photos for Curvaceous Dee's Scavenger Hunt

See who else is being  delightfully sinful

Sinful Sunday


  1. That surely is one way to pass the time at the ER. Hopefully the reason for being there is all figured out now!

  2. I hope the trip to the ER was not serious but I have to say this is the perfect way to spend your time there


  3. Hope you are OK.

    I am scared of doctors, nurses, dentists, etc.

    If you were in my hospital, this might just take my mind off of my fear!

  4. Like Molly I hope it is nothing serious that had you in the hospital, but I love that your first Scavenger Hunt was in the hospital!

    Rebel xox

  5. Hope you're ok.

    But that is a great way to spend your time there.

  6. Thought #1: that's sexy as hell!

    Thought #2: hmmm, why are you in the ER? Hope everything's okay!

  7. I hope it wasn't serious, what a way to pass the time there though! :)

  8. Wow. Lots of things go through my head in the ER and scavenger hunt has never been one of them. Hope you are ok and well done on the shots!

    BTW considering you're using the comment verification through openID...nothing I have works anymore except my defunct wordpress. If you could set it to email/website or add it on that would be awesome :)

  9. I love the picture. Great way to share your scary day in the ER. (Any day in the ER is scary, right?)

  10. Hot damn! Welcome to the Scavenger Hunt, hon - what a great start (I am seriously impressed). You are now officially on the participant board, and up on the location board as well. Please download your Bronze Award and show it proudly on your site - either in the sidebar, or in each Scavenger Hunt post!

    xx Dee