Saturday, August 3, 2013

Watch me

I've posted before about being an exhibitionist. I wrote about finally being comfortable with me enough to take my clothes off and take a picture...

But looking back, I was a bit of an exhibitionist before. I have had sex in the same room as others so many times I can't even think to count. I've had sex with two other women in a pool with an audience of men, I've shared hotel rooms with my friends after finding gorgeous young servicemen at the bar who live on base ( sex on a budget, share a room!), and I've even had sex with people who were in the room just to watch in order to prove a point.

I guess I've always been cool about my sex. Or drunk. (the last was a joke... mostly).

With the internet connecting us to a whole wider world, flirtations now can be racy and international. Getting involved in the different mediums available means I started talking to more people...

And then I starting flirting with those people...

And then they started sending me dick pictures and getting my panties wet...

I've always believed turn about is fair play.

So, with my new found collection of nude pictures I was so proud of, I started returning the favor. Conversations and text would be exchanged about the excitement, finding release to an image of someone you were actually talking to and not just random porn. This excites me. I enjoy it and get so turned on EVERY time I know I have succeeded in turning another person on.

This all got even more exciting once I started getting videos.... mmmm... videos...

Hemmm, anyway, the day finally came when someone asked me for a video in return.

Uhm, what now?

That was exhibitionism as I had never before even thought of doing and it scared me. What if I looked stupid? Do you know how much coordination it takes for a GIRL to do that? Wide phone, vibrator, legs spread and this is supposed to look sexy at the same time!?

I put it off. I loved getting the videos but frankly, I just couldn't do that. Then I just kept getting more and asked to participate. I didn't mind sending a picture of it, why couldn't I do a video?

I was still hiding. With pictures I can take a million and do an edit. With a short clip of masturbation, I can't do that. It's just me. I don't know what exact catalyst there was beyond pushing my own boundaries and really enjoying the play, but finally, one day I did it.

I grabbed my phone during a sexting session after getting a glorious cumshot video from an play friend and took a short, 15 second, video. My heart pounded and my nerves were shot but I had done my best and hit send.

The rush was incredible! There was someone out there for the first time watching me masturbate and the adrenaline rush was unreal! The response was immediate and overwhelmingly sexy. I was a goddess, amazing, so sexy! Just to hear me moan and see the vibrator play lightly against my clit was enough to drive a man, who had just come to orgasm, to be rock hard again! The power you feel from that is an absolute aphrodisiac.

I've since grown a lot more comfortable with sending a video. Admittedly, I do it very very rarely, but hey, I don't sleep with everyone I meet either. Those that get a clip are special to me and they most assuredly are returning the favor as well. It adds a great deal of excitement to be able to see someone joining you in fulfillment and to know that they see you.

There is one last frontier that I have not crossed yet, and it's time for a moment of blunt honesty:

I'm still hiding.

Video still gives me a buffer. If I shoot a clip and my stomach looks like Jabba the Hut, all I have to do is delete it, and it's like it has never happened. Skype is a WHOLE other kettle of fish that I haven't brought myself to yet. I'm working up to it, and in fact there is someone I would love to be able to do it with, I just haven't gotten there yet. In time though, as with first the pictures and now the clips, I know I'll be a happy little Skype Slut as well.

When you sit and think about it, exhibitionism comes in many different forms, and I am happy to say I enjoy most. Wish me luck on my future Skype sessions!

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  1. I have the same body issues you do when it comes to taking pictures. I always delete the ones I don't like if I can and I'm scared of doing videos or anything further. Hopefully one day that will all disappear!

    Good luck on your Skype adventures - you can totally do it; just look how far you've come now!

  2. "And then they started sending me dick pictures and getting my panties wet..." - LOL that, made me giggle.

    When I was around seventeen, I used to regularly connect via NetMeeting and my webcam to an erotic writer, who loved watching me play with myself. She called it research and I had no problems with it; one of my University options was to "her" university as she requested it. But we never met.

    And apart from my wife and me, has probably seen more of my orgasms than anyone else!

    Good luck with your Skype sessions.

  3. Oh, so much luck! My skype (now jitsi) sessions with m'Lady are incredibly hot, but I was very nervous when we began, as it was something I'd never really done before. So glad we did, though!

    Loved your post :)

    xx Dee

  4. The benefit of Skype is that you have someone else to look at and forget you're there. Enjoy!

  5. I don't do the skype thing either for anything more than conversations where I can see the other person while we're talking.

  6. The only person I have ever masturbated in front of, on my own, on webcam is my present man and it took a huge amount of persuasion to get me there, we live together now so the need is not there any more, but the thrill of doing it for him was amazing.

    I wish you well with your skypeing sessions when you get there!

    ~Mia~ xx

  7. Sir and I lived on skype for nearly 2 years. They were precious times but I much prefer having him right next to me


  8. I've only ever Skyped a few times where the other person could see me. (I have done several voice-only Skype interviews.) Frankly Skype terrifies me too! And sexing on Skype? I tried to get W to "make" me do it once, but he wasn't into it...and I don't think I could do it unless I was forced! lol

    Good luck with the Skyping!

  9. Someone's going to have a whole bunch of new dick pics in their inbox. :-)

    Seriously, it sounds like a fun and exciting adventure. Good luck with the next step!