Thursday, February 14, 2013


Oh God, this is it. Its so close I can taste it in my mouth. My heart is beating as fast as butterfly wings... My knees are shaking and I can't catch my breath. I stare into your liquid eyes and revel in the fact that you can do this to my body.
Tremors. One, two... Quake through my limbs and I know I'm almost ready, I can feel it. I want to hold back but I can't. You never let me hold back, you always make me want to push on; onto the ledge and then over it.
Pulse pounding faster now, its a run away train and I am merely on the tracks. A moment, stillness. Suspended in that brief time there is death, then new life.
The sudden release. The buildup melts to deliverance as I say your name. The rush of endorphins
then blissful calm  as I know, I can let go...
"I love you"


  1. A wordgasm!!! I love it.

    Very well played.

    1. Thank you, it certainly felt that way. It's been so long since that rush of trepidation that is so akin to a climax, I had forgotten what it felt like, to bare your soul and your heart before another, unsure how it will be received.