Friday, February 1, 2013

For Our Sake Touch Me

I am cold, a distant land, beyond your reach.
You know that to touch me is to melt me
But you asked...And I am not in the mood to acquiesce

You know that to touch me
My simmering red hot anger will cool
And yet you hesitate...And I am not in the mood to welcome

You know the solution is you.
Why do you not touch me?
Your fingers, mouth, skin, cock, make misery a memory.

I want you to fuck me senseless.
You know and yet don't touch me.
Bite my breasts, caress my clit, pummel my pussy.

Even in anger, I always want you.
Grab my hair, pull me towards you,
Take me roughly, for our sake touch me.

You've only touched me
Once, when we feel this way
All was instantly forgotten, hostilities halted

Why do you accept my denial?
Take my words, drown my mouth
With tongue and cock, both need to touch me

This time words of love are not enough
Reserved, courteous, gentleman
...And I am in the mood to be taken, fucking touch me

And yet you asked, accepted, agitated,
I want nothing more than to forget
In pleasure, in pain, inside you need to touch me.


  1. You need, I need...

    So why don't we fill those needs for each other? What holds us back?

    (and by "I" it mean the royal inclusive "I")


  2. Lovely. I get this. Sometimes things can be communicated through touch that can't be expressed in words. Beautiful. :)

  3. This is strong and tough and I like it;) And thank you so much for your lovely comment on "PLayground"--it was much appreciated;) x