Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sisterly Specifics

My sister is exquisitely beautiful, with an almost exotic look. She does not always realize her own beauty, but recently is becoming more comfortable in her own skin. The evidence is in the tactful, but semi naked, pictures she sent me. It is just not the curve of her hip, the swell of her beasts, the deep dark eyes, the long and almost always perfect hair.
She is intelligent, quick witted, humorous. She has a loud voice and an even louder laugh. She quirks up an eyebrow that conveys a whole paragraph in meaning. She excitedly talks with her hands. She loves, hopes, optimistically. She's always up for adventures and very often creates chaos that she miraculously escapes from unscathed. She's impulsive. Caring and considerate. She has a great "O" face that she displays when drunk for giggles, that she disliked immediately upon seeing a picture of. She used to say her makeup was her best asset, refused to believe it couldn't be an asset.
She refuses to bow down, to be judged, to be swayed. She's opinionated and feisty.
She may be taller than me (by just a smidgen) but she's my little sister, my cohort in crime, and my first experience taking care of (BTW, I failed miserably at it) another person.


  1. You two need to use your initials or something on Twitter so I know who I'm talking to!

    Love the pics, you girls are something else :-)

  2. Beautiful. There's a kind of allure that blossoms from people who don't realize just how beautiful they are. It's magnetic. So often beautiful people are vain, callous, and jaded...
    Not only do the photographs speak volumes, but your words are like an honor guard.

  3. Your sister's physical beauty shines through just as strongly as her inner charm and grace, just as strongly as your loving bond and heartfelt words.

    As a woman who counts her own sister as one of her soul mates, I can safely say this post is truly exquisite.


  4. Feeling the love! Very sweet to write a post like this about your sister. Just a tiny question: Anyway you both can distinguish yourselves? See who's writing what? And names!!! I love names ;) xxx

  5. knowing that two beautiful women exist in the same family gives me hope for the worlds' DNA stock. :-) Thank you for sharing such beautiful pictures.