Thursday, February 21, 2013

The dark night

A bit darker than the norm...

The itch, it's burning inside of me. I'm restless. I'm anxious and angry. Lonely, depressed, and enraged. I'm pacing the floors of my head space, trying to get around everything.

I want you. I want you for so many reasons but tonight they are selfish. I want to fill me up with you until there is no room for these thoughts, these hateful emotions. I want you to use me. I want you to treat my body with no regard for anything except pleasure.

I want you to be rough like the tides in my head right now. I want to feel the sting of your palm and the power of your hips. I want to feel as though you have a tenuous hold on keeping me safe, like the safeties that feel so absent in my head.

As I get lost in the madness of my thoughts and the insanity of your arms I feel the shift. As pain becomes pleasure, the jumble of my thoughts become more cohesive. As I focus on your body and the heat, and the coursing of my blood I feel the calm of the stormy seas in my mind coming.

As I feel my self, my control, unraveling in your arms, it's there. The peace. The light in my night of darkness. The spark of sanity amidst all of that madness. I lay in your arms, sweaty, tired, satiated. Protected at last from the things I cannot control.

You are desire. You are love, soothing, lust. You are my anchor and my drug. You are home.


  1. The old saying, no matter how often repeated is still true: the brighter the photograph, the darker the negative.

    There's a dark, quiet place in all of us waiting for the right time to unleash itself and binge on every primal, animalistic tendency we hold at bay. Sometimes it manifests during full moons, or at the equinox, or when libations sufficiently lower our inhibitions...

    Other times, when we write in our blogs.
    Great post.

    1. This is so eloquently stated I couldn't help but find myself nodding, and being pulled in by your words.

  2. This reflects exactly what I feel when I start to get restless and then only Master T can get me back to my peaceful place again, back home :)

    Strong post!

    Rebel xox

  3. I like the passion and unbridled desire ~ The darkness is overwhelming but you turned it nicely at the end ~ Home is a good lasting image ~