Monday, February 4, 2013

Video killed the radio star

Men have always sent me penis pictures. I don't know why. I've recently started receiving video however, and that is FAR more interesting to me.
I NEVER request the penis pictures in the first place, they just send them. It's like:
"good morning"
"good morning"
"How are you? Here is my penis."
The first time a man sent me a video of him masturbating, I was shocked. That lasted all of about half of a second before I was incredibly turned on.
I love watching a man masturbate. There's something so erotic and here it was, in my hands! A man I (kind of) knew in all his delicious glory, right there on my phone. It made my mouth water.
I never thought to request something like that! Why had all these men in my life previously been slacking off!? The possibilities now were almost endless.
The next man to send me a fully nude photo got the request put to him. Imagine my surprise when he said no...
Dude, you just sent me a picture of your hard penis, WITH YOUR FACE IN IT. I just want a POV masturbation clip. They only last like 15 seconds, and your face isn't in it.
Where is there any logic in that? So, I figured man A wasn't very bright, let's move on to the next one. However, I encountered the same problem. Now, I have a LOT of options of men to ask this of. It's the digital age and I live in a very densely populated military town. There are tons of men lining up to send me their penis. Is it too much to ask for that penis to be in action?
I've decided I'm going to start telling them I either get an action sequence or I don't want it at all. I might never have to go root out porn again! I'm definitely going to have to get a bigger memory card, and these men better start warming up their forearms, because momma wants to see some jacking off!


  1. By request, I've shared cock pics with a number of women (more explicit that what you've seen on my blog) and NO ONE has ever asked for a video. All they have to do is ask, an exhibitionist like me only needs to be asked :-)

  2. There need to be more men like you around... I'm just saying.

  3. Maybe offer an exchange of videos. You rub one out, they rub one out.

  4. See, I have short little t Rex arms and its way less appealing (in my opinion) when I do it... Plus there isn't that much movement really... Still, that's an excellent idea. The next time I really want one I'll suggest it.