Thursday, February 7, 2013

Pondering Positions

My lover broke his wrist over the weekend. Of course my concern was for him, but selfishly it went to our sex life. He broke his dominant side, but he's pretty handy at touching and fingering me with both. I was more concerned with what positions we were still going to do, and if he'd even be in the mood.

Oddly enough, he's demanding it every night (of course it's only been less than a week). It's almost like he has to prove he still can have sex with me (I shared my concern).

And as for the positions, we can't do missionary (or some form of). While I can rock his world on top, I can't do much for myself. Sadly, when I am on top I rely on him to grab my hips and move me once I come close to climax - when it starts to feel good I simply lose the rhythm and cannot finish without him keeping the pace I've set. A lot of other positions require him bracing himself on either forearms or hands.

The solution? Doggy style is definitely a winner, but we've also spooned, and he's been on his knees upright with me sideways as well. I love these positions, and glad we have more reason to use them. I am quite sure we'll continue experimenting and finding others that work just as well, and maybe discover some new positions we've never done or thought of before. Can't wait! Any suggestions? He cannot apply pressure on one arm at all at this point, keep in mind.


  1. The couch gives you some angles that might work with him kneeling and you laying back.

    The trapeze is probably out unless he hangs by his ankles, but "Reverse Cowgirl with a Danish Overhang" might be good.

    Of course, there's always the "Matchbox Double Loop", but if he slips, there goes his other wrist, and probably a knee. Best leave that one to the professionals.

    Did he do it snowboarding?

  2. I was also thinking of suggesting the sofa as well as the table since he'll be able to support and brace himself, and you can try a variety of positions.

    I hope he heals quickly. Have fun...

  3. I hope he heals quickly too ~ I think its fun that you are trying out different positions ~