Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Electric Feel

Finally! I was in charge and planned on reveling in the fact that it was my turn to dish out the punishment. There was so much to do, I didn't know where to start.

My lover was teacher despite relinquishing control, and he showed me many ways to torture and tease him. He taught me how to tie him, to use my nails and my teeth to hurt him, and them he handed me the remote.

We had an electric stimulation cock set, and I had the juice. There were two parts to the unit, the shock could be sent through the cock cage, or used in the handheld part to deliver a delicious shock of electricity all over the body.

I started out light and teasing. If you turn the controls away, he has no way of seeing if the power was flowing to his gorgeously erect dick, or his sensitive inner thigh where I held the other part.

I giggled, I coo'd, I taunted. I loved having him at my mercy, although I missed having him in my mouth. He sassed back at me so I turned up the intensity and sent a thrill of sensation to his cock for being a bad boy. I was in my element.

The heat in his eyes matched the wet heat growing within me and the heady sensation of power merely spurned me on. I knew he was enjoy it. My VERY dominate lover also enjoyed cock and ball torture and I was endeavoring to give him his moneys worth.
I loved how we played. First the wise teacher, now the sensual victim of my sadistic pleasure. I increased my taunts, the frequency of the sting, bringing him higher. Although this was my first time with the device I was doing a pretty good job. That's when my finger slipped on accident and I didn't realize it. A playful smile turned up my lips as I prepared to give him a bit more than I had before. "tsk tsk, lover, remember, WHO is in control right now?" I flipped the switch and power went rushing through the lines straight down to that precious instrument I loved so much and planned on having inside of me within a moment's time. The breath stole from his lungs as his entire body tightened in convulsion. Unbeknownst to me the power was accidentally as high as it could go and I sent all of that power straight into the most sensitive part of my lover. I was so startled I fumbled with the controls and he was only tortured longer. My poor Wretch. While he enjoyed the exquisite pain he could experience through rough play, he wasn't quite prepared for what I had dished out. Suffice to say I paid the price that night as well. Kink of the WeekAfter what I had done there wasn't much hope of further play, so I wasn't surprised, although definitely sad, that the night would end with cuddles and concession instead. I was however, surprised when I got the text from him the next day. It turns out the shock was so intense that the points of contact on the cock cage had left perfectly shaped bruises in the delicate skin on his penis... For once, our play left little love bruises on him instead of me... I've been promised sweet retribution, and while he has used the shock kit on me, it wasn't in vengeance... Although the threat of obtaining a tens unit if I'm a bad girl still hangs over my head... Looks like I have to make sure I'm just good enough to avoid that fate, for now.
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  1. I would make a LOUSY top when it comes to physical play (I think I'd do the rules/punishment/D-s part great! lol), but the idea of an an "oops!" terrifies me! I am glad to read stories about when they happen and it's (just like it is when it happens to me) no big deal...just like in real life. :-D

  2. I'm not quite sure I could handle doing this to another, my tolerance for it seems rather high!

    Kazi xxx

  3. Awwww poor him ;(

    But mistakes happen, as with anything in life. It's what do you do afterwards that's important. I'm guessing you learnt from it, so it's all worthwhile.

    And will make for better play next time :)

    (Just think of yourself as an even better lover now!)

  4. OUCH! Mistakes happen but I know when Bad Kitty and I do electroplay we check everything 3-4 times as it is rather dangerous. Still anything can be forgiven when done without malice. BKE had an electrofied pinwheel accidentally dropped on his testicles by a friend once but he still talks to her ;)

    Glad you had some fun as a top before it went a bit oops. :)

  5. Oh my that sounds like ouch to me and I don't think I could ever be a top/domme I just couldn't do it... lol


  6. Raises hand, I got a Tens unit, whoohoo! I can imagine a huge sadistic smile on your face as you got to top. Thanks for sharing

  7. Ouch! Just ouch! Like Molly, I would not be able to do this... never... :)

    Rebel xox