Wednesday, June 5, 2013


I've seen him all night. I am drawn to him, his smile, his stance, even the way he holds his drink. I want to draw his finger into my mouth and caress it with my tongue.
I want to sidle up to him, smell him, be the object of his gaze. My eyes are constantly drawn to the group he is standing in. Although I follow all of the conversational cues of the people in front of me, my attention is firmly directed elsewhere.
I shift in my stance, growing warm at the bent my thoughts have taken, feeling the lace and satin of my panties grown damp and caressing my skin with my arousal. He is hypnotic. Pure male, strong, handsome.
I almost didn't come tonight. The party is for my dear friend, but I've been so anxious lately. I've been so angry, high strung, having no outlet for the stress consuming me. Suddenly, now though, here it is, that outlet. I can sense the power in him, and I want it.
Busted. My heart stops as he looks up, connects with my gaze. His steady eyes neither appraising or surprised, simply looking at me as to say "I see you, I know you are mine. Be patient". I take a fortifying sip of my drink but don't withdraw my gaze. I'm almost brash in my surety. To withdraw is to show weaknesses so I maintain the hold.
He glances at the men he is speaking to, does the ritualistic pat on the back men sometimes do to end a conversation, and begins to make his way over to me.
There aren't an abundance of people at the party, but the house is small and better suited to intimate groups for conversation. I step slightly from the group I've been chatting with, making myself more accessible. I grow nervous as I see him wend himself through the crowed. I pray I don't giggle when he introduces himself. I have a deplorable habit of doing so when nervous. A million thoughts race through my head, he is so beautiful.
Instead of what was expected, he suddenly draws up behind me. My hair brushed from my back sends shivers down my spine as his lips brush my ear to whisper "let's go". His hand brushes goosebumps down my arms and his fingers envelope mine.
Faces so close now, I can't break his stare. My heart thunders and I am his. The earth ceases to turn, and the world is void of everything but him. He guides me out onto a deserted balcony off of one of the rooms. The sweet night air, warm with the summer breeze touches my body like a lover and he faces me in the dim light.
This is rebirth. The scorched earth of my being suddenly renewed and replanted, and I am safe. I do not know this man but I know that he is mine as surely as I am his. I move into his waiting arms and the heat surely cannot be this great but I am aflame.
My lips meet his and I melt. This cannot be real for the human body does not contain enough nerves to feel the things I'm feeling. He tastes sweet, his smell intoxicating. I want to be consumed but yet do not feel haste. Time is unlimited as I know I will spend eternity enveloped in his embrace.
His hands cup my cheeks and I see my demise in his eyes and my undoing in his arms. I have traveled a thousand miles already down a road I do not know, but cannot refuse the journey.
No question asked but that must be the answer to any inquiry he makes of me. Wherever and whatever path he leads me on I will follow. The crazy, normal world of the house party, without noticing our absence, carries on. Outside, in this private place, lit by this sultry summer's night, I have found home...

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  1. *happy sigh* Such marvellous words :)

    xx Dee

  2. Your words are beautiful, the way you describe this kind of homecoming is divine :)

    Rebel xox

  3. very nice, the power of lustful desire in a chance meeting.

  4. Fabulously written, I can almost feel myself there x

  5. Quite a wonder encounter!

  6. Beautifully described! sounds like love at first sight :)

    ~Kazi xxx

  7. Such beautiful writing. I love to read your stories....

    ~Mia~ xx