Sunday, June 30, 2013

REAL sexy

I like taking pictures.... a lot. And I've found myself thinking when I get compliments "That's not really me though, that's Dress Up A"... Sometimes, I'm in PJs, a bathrobe, a bun and no makeup. I definitely don't feel sexy day in and day out.

I find that to be a load of crock and something I needed to correct. I've decided to start being REAL sexy on top of the posed type.

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  1. Beautiful; I love the swell of your breasts in the dressing gown. Really lovely.

  2. I spend half my life in an open dressing gown; it's just so comfortable and snuggly! ;)

    (Very sexy picture by the way)

  3. "Real sexy" can be every bit as sexy as "posed sexy". And yes, you make that bathrobe smoking hot. :-)

  4. I completely get this post... for ages I thought I was only sexy when I was dressed up etc. I really have Sir to thank for that change though, he has shown me how even in my onesie with bed hair and no makeup I am still sexy.... and you have shown perfectly how the same is true for you. I want to snuggle in that dressing gown with you...


  5. Lovely lovely robe and lovely cleavage shot as well.

  6. Heck, you could be sexy wearing nothing at all!


  7. That's a beautiful post;) I totally agree with all comments.

  8. Oh yes, you definitely know how to make a bathrobe sexy!

  9. REAL sexy is the perfect title for this sexy image :)