Friday, June 14, 2013

Review: PINK Luv Paddle

PINK Luv Paddle from the Fetish Fantasy Series.
A Pipedream Product
Overall: I loved it. Although a great beginner's paddle, it can be used to tease or punish depending on the mood. It is incredibly flat and easily tucked away between small spaces. Reasonably priced, I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the suede and stitching. And have I mentioned how adorable it is! For those people who love the vibrant pink and black look, they will not be disappointed.
Playing: While firm, it does have some flexibility and would be a great beginner's toy. It is a slapper style paddle. There is a sturdy center piece that goes the whole length of the paddle, but otherwise the impact area will curl in if you grip the sides. Use is very straight forward, it is short enough to give the user great control over aim and takes little power to use. Not to mention: it's cute as hell and not scary looking. When I saw my big burly lover holding a bright pink heart-shaped paddle, it certainly made me smile.
The area of impact is long and makes an amazingly sharp cracking sound on the skin that sounds far worse than it feels. While he has a larger ass, being a man, the long impact area wasn't a concern, but he also had no problem hitting my smaller butt correctly. Though it has some flexibility, it does create a sting when enough force is wanted. It turned my ass a beautiful shade of red with around ten spanks.
I was a bit concerned at how wide the handle is, but like the impact area, the sides of the handle will curl slightly if gripped tightly to accomodate a smaller hand like mine. My partner's bigger hand had no issue with this and didn't find it bothersome that it could be smaller.
First Impression: It was delivered very quickly, in a typical, discreet shipment box. My postman was given no indication of the content. There is no packaging other than the box and a plastic wrap around the paddle. The only information about the paddle is listed on the outside of the box. And it's adorable!
Specifics: It is promoted that: "all 'PINK' items are made from super-soft, high-quality suede." I couldn't agree more, this is beautifully vibrant in color, super soft suede in texture. I kept wanting to run my fingers (or other parts) over the suede. The handle and impact portion are all one piece. There is a black heart (suede) shaped piece at the top of the paddle. The paddle is slightly raised up in the upper part of this side where the extra black piece was inserted. It was well stitched together. There is a black wrist strap tied through the bottom of the handle to hang the paddle from or wrap around your wrist during use. My lover decided he would never use the strap and it annoyed him, so he easily tugged it apart, breaking the strap (though with some patience I'm sure that it could be untied).
When tied, the wrist strap hangs down 6.5 inches.
The handle length is 5 inches, width is 1.5 inches.
Impact area length is 8 inches, width 3 1/4 inches.
The PINK Luv Paddle is available to buy from: Erotic Toy Town: luv paddle pink
Or you can check out their full range of paddles. Erotic Toy Town: Whips and Paddles
Thanks to Erotic Toy Town for sending us this to review!

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