Friday, May 17, 2013


People ask how I became an exhibitionist  They remark with awe that I have no shame, in fact I delight and glory in showing off the photos I have of my body.

The truth is, there are two things at play here. I take all of my photos myself, with my cell phone no less (imagine what I could do with a REAL camera!), and I am incredibly proud of the talent for beautiful pictures that I have found in myself. Something akin to magic just happens when I get a camera in my hands recently and my work is just getting better.

Here's the biggest push that made me an exhibitionist:

I hated my body. 

I had gorgeous friends and I certainly couldn't measure up to that. Slowly over the years though, there was a shift in my thinking, and as that shift happened, I started getting complimented more. As I settled finally into my skin, I exuded sex. I breath sex. I walk sex. I am sexy. Then, with the blog, I was reluctantly persuaded to submit a picture to Sinful Sunday, hosted by Mollysdailykiss (*see the picture here). Nervous doesn't quite cover the emotions I was feeling. I'm not skinny by any stretch of the imagination. I was bracing for negativity. Then the comments starting coming in...

Holy Hell

My body is beautiful. That's all I kept hearing. There was so much response and enthusiasm I was suddenly empowered. I started pushing the envelope, taking more pictures, revealing more of myself. With every step I have taken, my empowerment has grown. Now I can't keep my clothes on. I revel in the things my body can do. It can provoke desire, lust, longing. It can comfort and bring beauty to someone. This all, just in the viewing of it.

So why am I an exhibitionist? Because I'm beautiful, and I like sharing.

So really, it's all because of you guys. You got me naked, and you keep me that way and loving it.

Something for the weekend


  1. Sinful Sunday is definitely addictive :)

    I have a DSLR and a point and shoot, but I also like messing with the images in the image editor; I am a rampant geek!

    Your body is beautiful. Have you checked out Dirty Little Whispers's Naked Wednesday ( Every week she has a different person featured - without clothing!

    I did it a few weeks ago with my sword (that didn't cover as much as I had hoped!); I bet you'd enjoy doing it!

  2. I read this and think YAY... another win for Sinful Sunday. I am so happy that the meme has made you feel this way and the feedback you have received from the community has been such a powerfully positive experience for you. In many ways that mirrors my own personal journey which led me to starting the Sinful Sunday in the first place


  3. you are beautiful, in every way i can imagine.