Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Three of a kind

I can appreciate a beautiful woman. The soft skin, gorgeous curves, delicate shape. I am able to look at a woman and appreciate the beauty, like art. I've never been "attracted" to them though.

 I've always been a curious person. If I haven't done it, I want to. So I've always said that one day I wanted to have a threesome with another woman. The problem is I don't like sharing my toys so I'm a bit possessive about my men. Sure, a casual one would work but I'd imagine it's harder to find a man and a woman in the same night. For years this meant I just talked a big game.

At my new job, during classes, I was teacher's pet. Honestly, it's not my fault I'm smart and a bit of an over achiever, but this resulted in the rest of the class being not quite endeared to me. Apparently they don't believe you can be Ms. Prim and Proper at work then go home, go to the stripclub, drink and have sex all night. That just shows how little they knew. It got to a point where almost no one talked to me in that class until one time a girl invited me to a party she was throwing with other people from work. I went, even knowing I wasn't considered one of the cool kids.

 As I arrived I met Ava out front. She was young, brass, and irreverent. She had the body of a goddess and the mouth of a sailor. She was drinking a bottle of red wine through a twisty straw... the whole bottle. Ava eyed me with keen interest, they all kind of watched me. I immediately made a strong drink and inquired as to whether anyone would like to do a shot of tequila with me. My coworkers looked astonished. After that first lick of salt, that first sting of cheap tequila and the gush of lime, I was accepted. Jokes were made, drinks were offered and body shots soon started. S, another of our coworkers showed up to the party a little late, but she was just as intoxicated as the rest of us. She immediately joined in with the exclamations of wonderment over how they never knew I was so cool, and the dirty jokes and the wit? Where had I been hiding all this? As our night continued the jokes became more sexual in nature, as tends to happen when you get a mixed group together for drinking and socializing. A friend of mine, with a pool, who hosted the best parties, called and said he had some male friends over but they were sadly lacking in females. He asked if I knew any ladies who would like to get naked in his pool. I jokingly extended the offer to the girls at the party and Ava and S immediately told me to grab my keys. We were going to cool off on this hot summer night.

As we arrived at the house I could see the effect these two gorgeous women with me had on the men present. Both tall, statuesque women with exotic looks and firm young curves, it was impossible not to stare. Drinks were quickly made and Ava and S did not hesitate to strip off their clothes and dive in the pool. I had frequently been naked in this pool before in front of these men so it was nothing for me to strip down and join. We were frolicking, splashing, drinking and playing. I couldn't tell you how it started. The men were on the side of the pool and it was just the three of us still in. A joking fondle turned to a kiss, which turned into a sincere caress. A firm breast, a body slick no longer just with water but also now too with arousal. S and I both had one of Ava's pert nipples in our mouths. My hand was caressing Ava's satiny smooth entrance and S's fingers were exploring me. Quickly Ava was moaning and had a firm grasp in my wet hair. Her mouth searched for mine hungrily. I couldn't believe that somehow I was included in this erotic show with these two goddesses.

The men could hardly contain themselves while staring with avid interest at these three woman who were devouring each other in the pool. I put Ava up on the side of the pool. I had to taste her. This is always the part I was apprehensive of, but I quickly found I needn't have been. Her taste was light, and the unique smell of her not unpleasant. S continued to play my body like a instrument. She knew just where to press, just where to rub. I could feel her breasts cool against my back as I continued to worship Ava with my mouth. I quickly brought Ava to release and then the places were turned. S smiled up at me as I parted my legs from the ledge of the pool. She was excited and knew it was my first time. Ava and S stared at me and had a dueling of their tongues, fingers darting here and there. Then suddenly the flick of S's tongue was on my clitoris. I was startled and instantly gushing. With Ava behind S, staring at me while bringing S to her own peak, I quickly found release from the expert skill of S's mouth. Soon we are all satiated, and langorous.

We laughed and continued on with our night as though nothing had happened, as though we hadn't just put on the most erotic live show any of those men could've hoped to see. I was bewildered, and privileged to have been a part of that. I look back on the evening with pleasure. Not only had I had my threesome with another woman, I had it with two women who were almost impossibly beautiful. It was so different from anything that I had ever experienced in my life. Being with a woman is a whole different level than a man. They know what it feels like, it's not searching or wondering. There is assurity in movement and action. I, however, still love men and can honestly say that although that night was pleasurable, women still don't do it for me sexually. I'm attracted to masculinity and hard planes. The soft touch of a woman didn't excite me the way a firm grasp of a man does. After that night, Ava and I went on to be best friends and there has never been a repeat. There has never been an awkward moment or desire to either. I'm lucky to have found her and lucky to have been in such capable hands for my exploration into being with another woman.

This post is my first Wicked Wednesday entry. Thanks for the inspiration Rebel!


  1. Beautifully described. A thoughtful piece. x

    1. I was so nervous! I felt inadequate to describe something so intense and almost surreal, I'm glad it turned out as well add it did.
      Thank you for the lovely compliment!

  2. This is hot! Hotter than hot!

    I love being with a woman and love making love to a woman. Being with two woman is even hotter indeed, but in the end, it's always great to have a man present too.

    Welcome to Wicked Wednesday! Hope to see you back next week ;)

    Rebel xox

    1. I've followed and lurked and am happy to have finally done it! Thanks for the lovely compliment! For a first time with a woman, I couldn't believe my incredible fortune!

  3. I love woman too and I am sexually turned on by woman but I will admit that my real passion is men. If I had to chose then cock would always win but luckily I don't have to choose.


    1. The delights of having your cake and eating it too! I'm a bit ambiguous. I could certainly have another threesome with a man involved with another woman and I (again the try everything once!), but one on one I definitely stick to dick :).

  4. I love the story. The thought of all three of you together is almost too much to handle.

    I penned a pool-side story as well.

  5. Welcome to Wicked Wednesday!!

    I am bi, but have only had one threesome experience myself. It was marvelous and I look back on it fondly. Thanks for sharing this!

    ~Kazi xxx