Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Key to Happiness

Me: What would your ideal sex life be like? (We were discussing frequency)

Him: Probably about two or three times a month. (My heart just dropped, a month?! Seriously?) With the ability to negotiate more if wanted.

Me: A month? Are you serious?

Him: More if wanted.

Me: Then why didn't you just stay in your previous relationship?

Him: She wouldn't negotiate more. And we weren't happy like you and I are.

Me: You know why we're happy?

Him: Why?

Me: Because we're getting laid, daily, at my insistence.

Him: Is that why we're so happy?

Me: Absolutely, beyond a doubt. It's the key to happiness.


  1. Replies
    1. I think that conversation may be step one to convince him

  2. Getting laid daily is definitely the key to happiness. :)

    1. Conina, it's certainly my cure-all for many things, and happiness in my relationship helps so many other things in my life.
      Glad I'm getting agreements, I can show him and let him that I am not alone in thinking this!

  3. it's so simple, isn't it? Make time for each other, make time to cum, make intimacy a priority over TV, the kids, the mother-in-law, over everything, and so many problems are solved. So very very many.

    1. Advizor, it's strange but I can't click on your own blog, it freezes and won't download. Hopefully, it's just a glitch so that I can read what wicked advise you give.
      In reply, however, you're probably right (and more romantically stated, so he'll appreciate your words more). It truly is making each other and our intimacy a priority over so many other things.

  4. You are right, it's biology. Tell him to look up the hormones you release when you cum, him too.

  5. I couldn't agree with you more! :)
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