Sunday, January 13, 2013

Mundane turn ons

For me, it is dishes. This isn't a scam that I announce to get a guy to do the dishes. No, this is a real, every day occurence turn on. Sure, there's the appeal of now I don't have to do them, I'd be lying if I said otherwise. But a man in a kitchen, sleeves pushed up (or better yet shirtless), being meticulous about cleaning, steam rising from the water, the repetitive motion of him scrubbing, wringing out the soap, his hands soapy and slippery...holy hell, I could go on of why this makes me hot.
Cooking is almost to the same level, for similiar reasons. The precision in which he cuts meats or veggies, the color to his cheeks from the heat of the stove or oven, creating something delectable that I will consume later, occasionally letting me taste, fingers in my mouth, eyes awaiting my approval, the fact that if I want to eat, I must leave him alone....
I had a lover who would strip naked to both cook and do dishes. He would constantly have to swat me away from him when he was cooking; he would wink playfully knowing the effect it had on me. I would have to patiently wait (not an easy thing for me), for him to be done with his task; he wouldn't let me distract too much. I would just sit and stare and fantasize and finally pounce once he was ready; I was already worked up by that point. He could lift me onto the counter and slide right in if he so desired.
In speaking to some friends of mine, some of us do have the routine, mundane chores that turn us on. One friend loves when he pulls the towels from the dryer onto the bed, and then pulls his lover on top of them. They are enveloped immediately in the clean smell, and the heat. For myself, I think I'd have to clean the damn towels again, but it still sounds appealing. Maybe I'll try it and see.
And of course, I am curious. What other, everyday chores are turning on others, and what is the appeal? It would be nice to view other tasks in an exciting new light.

Thoughts from A:
Moving! Carrying those boxes? Oh yeah baby! Grunts from the weight, the appearance of effortlessness when I knew damn well that box weighs a ton. Then setting up the bed, and before even putting sheets on, just getting tossed on up and taken for a ride.

I also live near trees so believe it or not you see a lot of wood chopping. Sweat glistening, a streak of dirt smeared thoughtlessly across a forehead, every muscle rippling with the fluid swing of the axe. And the military guys around here like to show off what all the physical training gave them, so they're mostly shirtless, sweaty, man. Yum!

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  1. It would be great for guys to help around the house for sure ~ But cooking is the # 1 for me ~

    Nice to meet you ladies ~