Monday, January 7, 2013

Uniform Sexy

"There are romantic moments about military life that rival only the most dramatic movies. We've been spun around by a man in uniform after he hasn't seen us in months....We've dressed up like royalty and attended military galas and we've watched ships pull into port, with sailors standing at attention around the perimeter." 10 things you may not know about military wives

This statement spurred great thoughts about military men, and why moments (by no means everything) with them are spectacular. Here's to putting a more naughty list together:

Our lovers can lift us effortlessly, whether it's to sweep us off our feet or have sex standing up.

A flight suit is made up entirely of zippers, in all sorts of areas, for easy access.

They are put in a role of authority, in control of the situation.

They can follow directions, immediately and without hesitation.

Got to love a man who can handle his gun.

The push-ups they have to do? It comes in handy for sex.

The pull-ups they have to do? When missionary is called for, the arms ripple so very nicely and provide eye candy.

The mandatory running? It aides stamina.

The sex after a deployment is like discovering a new lover all over again. It's awkward and new and exploring and glorious. (As a side note, sex normally doesn't happen immediately after a deployment. They need down time first, and I'm not talking about them going down on me (or vice versa) time.)

The love letters and communications can be both romantic and steamy when apart, fueling the anticipation and stimulating the mind.

They are tone, hard,  physically fit, and strong.

Sex in different states or even countries may occur.

Post military ball or galas? Besides the proper looking, formal uniform being stripped to reveal the gorgeous body underneath, we get to shed our equally formal gowns. The bobby pins in an updo hairstyle can be pulled out slowly after a ball, while he looks as if he's ready to devour but tortures instead with the slow release of the pins, before gripping our hair to pull us in.

If they're willing to risk their life for us, imagine how much they're willing to do for our pleasure?

They never look as if they "just rolled out bed". They are clean shaven and fresh haircuts.

**This really needs to be said, though, that dating or being with a military person is incredibly challenging. They require more support, while not necessarily being in a position to return the support. They can change from war. Their personal lives come after mission, comrades, duty, and training.

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