Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012 recap

alwayseachother and girlonthenet have both written blogs about this past year's top sexual moments, as rated by their partners. With that inspiration, here are the two my husband will commit to telling me when I demanded answers on the spot, without giving him time to think (I'm impatient by nature):

Filming Ourselves:

My husband suggested us taping our sex. After a couple of years, we started sending naked pictures of each other during our separations. Just recently, with a recent separation (gotta love the military), we had shared videos of each other masturbating. I have to admit, he was sharing these things with me far before I was generous enough to share with him. I was anxious, fearful, nervous about sharing photos. I certainly didn't want them to be viewed by anyone other than him. But I absolutely loved looking at the pictures, and later videos.

He knew that I loved watching him, and so suggested that I would probably love watching us.

My husband and I taped us having sex a few months ago, and I was so nervous. He tied the camera to our bed (it has giant posts and bars that go across the top). At first, it fell while we were having sex and managed to fall with the lens between my husbands legs. That was amazing footage because he didn't stop and it was a perfect angle for the penetrating/thrusting. He eventually reached and turned off the camera, mostly because he said he couldn't cum with it on.

Immediately afterwards, we watched it and I was so giddy and excited and nervous. I tried to watch it with a non-critical eye towards my physical flaws, and with the camera falling, I was incredibly turned on seeing him penetrate me from an angle I wouldn't be able to view otherwise. For some reason, he immediately deleted it after we viewed it. He thought I was only approving the viewing it once; he knew how tentative I was about it being recorded. I was devastated; I wanted to watch it over and over again, and savor the images. I guess we really should have discussed that.

So, we did. The next time it was tied up, it stayed. And while there is only one angle from that point, it was so nice. He ignored it completely, and was even able to climax. We watched it together afterwards, laying in bed, still a little breathless. We could pause the film and copy some amazingly hot pictures of ourselves (something that I relish viewing even more than the tape). I'm still nervous about having a recording, but I believe it shows how much I trust my husband to keep it secret, and vice versa. And, I have to admit, we're pretty hot together.

Now that we have one recording, I don't know if we'll make another. I'm not in any hurry, and I now have something to watch when we part ways again. And, I looked great, and he always looks amazing; I would hate to look terrible and maybe become self-conscious (I'm not at all, and would prefer to keep it that way).


We've been doing this since the beginning. I have a special affinity to being blindfolded and tied up, unable to move, only able to hear and feel and smell. Those three senses somehow become so much more prominent, and it is glorious. And I adore having the decisions and control that I always have in our relationship completely taken away; it's such a refreshing change, and one I keep telling my husband I want in general sexually.

Likewise, I love to tie up my partner. I am somehow more bold, brazen, mischievous. I can torment and see his smile, feel his muscles tense in anticipation, laugh when he wrongly guesses what I'm about to do, hear his sharp intake when I surprise him. I am little, and yet in that moment, I am utterly in control and can do exactly as I please.

We make a big to-do about this; this is not activity we do with children present in the house. All our toys come out. We normally do this a couple of nights: one for me to be bound, one for him. My husband deviously discovered keeping a bowl of ice is perfect for keeping a glass dildo cold or his thick kabar knife.

I love using a knife during these moments. He didn't even seemed concerned the first time I straddled him and put it up to his neck, running the flat of the cold blade across his warm neck. That is mostly what we use it for: it's cold steel against hot flesh, with mostly the flat of the blade gliding smoothly across a small portion of skin. It's incredibly erotic to me. We don't often use the sharpened points of the knife, perhaps the tip gently grazing, never cutting. It requires the receiving partner to remain perfectly still, and just feel, or risk the danger of accidentally getting cut (we've never done this).

Tying is one of my husband's favorite activities, still after all this time, and so when asked best moments, he insisted it remains memorable throughout the last year.


  1. Both very hot little moments. I have always been shy of having someone photograph me or record me. I've been married many years to a man I adore and trust, but takes a lot of resolve, and I have yet to allow a full on recording. Maybe this will be the year? And I completely agree with you about the intensifying of other senses when you are bound and blindfolded. A very erotic feeling, indeed.

    1. Thank you, and I don't necessary see that it's a sign of trust that I allowed a recording, I would trust him completely and still not allow it. I think the distance that we go through convinced me more than anything, it's hard to not see someone for so long, and I'm hoping it'll help for the next time to look back on us.

  2. Hot post, and thanks for the mention! That knife business seems hot and scary, in a deeply satisfying way.

  3. I am so late in reading this and commenting, but I love that you guys have this level of Kink in your relationship. I've been trying this with Henri, for similar reasons (such as switching roles) but it hasn't worked for us. Now, with Sir in the mix, he is more responsive. Still, yayyy for you guys! xxx