Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The surf

I go in waves with my sexual desire.

Now, keep in mind I want it at least once a day every day, but sometimes I want it NOW NOW NOW, all day long. I've been the girl that sent the text saying: "I've been up for 3 hours and I've already gotten off 5 times... I love my new vibrator!"

I've also had days where I just don't really feel like anything. It always seems to be a block of days for each though.

I'm curious if everyone is like this?

I do know I binge on sex when I get a new partner. It's like, "you mean I can finally have sex!" I've constantly had to warn partners that they will not be able to keep up with me and that's ok. I'll be disappointed and pout, but just as long as they're willing to at least try, we'll be ok.

For some reason every man sees this as a challenge. Then after a day, maybe two, they admit defeat. Truly, no one CAN keep up. I understand the cause of this wave: it's a new toy, all pretty and shiny, of course I want to play with him. And I do settle down, as long as I get to see him regularly, and have sex on those occasions, I'll settle into 3 times a day instead of three times an hour. However, outside of this cause, there are many other times I go through these waves with no discernable pattern.

Perhaps something I'll have to start taking notice of more closely. I'd definitely like to hear other's opinions...

Wicked Wednesday


  1. Brilliant and such a very true take on the word 'waves'.
    Rachel x

  2. I once had a boyfriend and we had sex three times a day every day for years, I still had sex with others. Seriously, I understand waves and I understand having to warn people they won't be able to keep up. Nobody ever has.

  3. I have to satisfy my own urges for the most part, so it's not the newness of the toy in my case, but I will still see high waves that go on for days, followed by dips. Think it's still tied into my monthly cycle although it's hard to judge now as I don't bleed anymore since the surgery.

    ~Kazi xxx

  4. I was going to say what Kazi said, maybe tied to your cycle. When you're ovulating you probably want it more...?

  5. I think we all definately have those waves. I am riding a high one currently. This past week has been ridiculous! I find several things contribute to it: cycle, partner, temperature (hot summer days? Yowza!!), if I have been working out or tanning. Even something as simple as a man flirting with me.

  6. I too recognize the block of days you are talking about. I have those times where I wonder where my sex drive has gone, but more often I have the times where I can just not get enough. With me, weather can be of a big influence...

    Rebel xox

  7. one of my many many nicknames in college was The Boarder...not so much 'cause i was a wiz surfer but more that people knew i was the house stop for Taco Bell...they thought it was The Border...we were still young freshmen, had a lot more learnin' to do...