Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pride cometh before a fall

There it was, laying in tatters at my feet. I didn't know how I was reduced to this... I didn't know how I had gotten myself in this position. Or maybe I did.

I was ready to beg him; no, plead. I was ready and more than willing to make a deal with the devil to have all of him, and yet be consumed. There were so many things that he, this man, held that I wanted. I wanted his love and desire. I wanted his heart and his mind. I wanted him in my mouth.

There I lay, trussed up, on my back, on my bed. Wearing rope as lovely as silk garments, seeing his dick, throbbing hard in front of my face and I was consumed with want of it. I wanted to feel it slide past my lips, I wanted to taste the very essence of him. I wanted to have him fuck me senseless and with a fierceness to match my own.

His compliment, "You look lovely right now" as tears course down my face, I'm bound and helpless, my ass glowing red from the punishment it has just received.

My plea, "please".


So much meaning and passion raging behind one simple word. I was screaming with this one word: "here is my pride, my heart, my being! Take it! It is yours. My will, my control, take it!"

"You've been a good girl, I suppose I should reward you..." He lovingly runs his hand along my tear stained cheek then finally let's me capture my prize with my mouth. Watering, waiting to taste. It is finally mine. It is worth it. The wait, the teasing. He knows how to drive me to peaks and push me right to the edge. Just when I am about to fall, to crack, to break, he catches me and soothes me and brings me fulfillment.

I get what I want that day. All of it. I was filled with him in my mouth, I was turned over and thrust into release. I more fully captured his heart and while I may have been bound and he in control, he was now bound to me more firmly than before.

I have no need of pride in the face of such things, and I more than willingly give it up.

Wicked Wednesday


  1. Powerful stuff my friend. A well laid out scene and such passion. I loved every word.

  2. Excellent description of the break. Pride is nothing in the face of this!

    ~Kazi xxx

  3. what more could a woman want. a satisfying description of wanton need and fulfillment. a perfect little bon bon.

  4. Mmmm... Bon bons... Bon bons and sex... NEED.

  5. I loved the build up.. then the release. Hot reading.

    Pea ~x~

  6. I think there is a real pride in being able to let go and love your desires and needs. It takes a great deal of strength and self knowledge to be that person. That is something to be proud of!


  7. OH how hard it is for me to get to that place. Maybe because of my childhood, maybe because of my own issues with letting go. But when i am there it is a different world.

  8. Really nice portal of the power in both passion and surrender.

  9. A beautiful description of the powers over and passion between the two of you.

    Rebel xox

  10. I'd be proud of the tears. I always hold them back and wished I had let them go.

  11. "Please" truly has so much more meaning and passion behind it than the simple manners we were taught as children. It is a plead, a request, a desire, a demand... Lovely description of this breaking scene.


  12. That is such a wonderful place to be and you have described it so very well!!!

    ~Mia~ xx