Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Until Thursday

"I wish you could call me so you can hear me find my pleasure."

My phone rings almost instantly. He's at work, on base, in his office. My panties are tucked in his pocket and I've sent him a picture of pert nipples, creamy skin, silk panties. I'm being a bit of the devil. I've instructed him not to find release until he sees me later this week.

He likes to please me. Against his better judgment he's agreed to my request. Now I'm just teasing, taunting, making him feel every moment of that wait. To twist the screw a bit more I not only inform him that I'm masturbating at that very moment, but now I'm making him listen to my ragged breath.
The torture continues as I make him tell me what he wants to do to me, and I to him. I find my release but am still enjoying the sensations so I leave my vibrator down there as we talk of other things. I continue to throw sexual innuendo into our conversation; I like this game I'm playing. He asks what I would do if he just showed up at my house. The vixen in me tells him I'd let him watch me masturbate, then send him on his way to continue the vigil until Thursday.

I think he's had enough because suddenly the tables are turned. His voice deepens, evens out. He's speaking in an authoritative tone telling me that no, what I really want is his mouth between my thighs and to feel his tongue flick the sensitive skin of my bud. He asks if I want to be a good girl and of course I do. "Then cum. Cum to the sound of my voice and the thoughts of me tasting you."

I'm undone. My breath catches and my legs shake as I reach that crescendo. He did it. Let me know who was in control even while playing my game. He taunts back one last time about showing up and I tell him I don't believe him. He's at work and devoted, I knew better. He wishes me a pleasant afternoon and I reiterate about being impatient for Thursday.

I am languorous and stay half naked as I continue my afternoon, quivering with excitement over what is happening in just two more days. I'm talking to a friend on the phone when there's a knock at my door. I grab a towel (still naked) and peak out of the window.

It's him. My jaw drops along with my phone and I'm flustered. Oh my God he has work, how is this possible!? It's the middle of the afternoon! My house is a mess and so am I but all I can think is, "he's here! HE'S HERE!"

I open the door and he holds me firmly and ravishes my mouth. He holds my face and says "Never issue a challenge like you did earlier, I'll rise to it. You've no idea what I'm capable of doing." I'm bewildered at how he accomplished it, but rank has it's privilege I'm to find out.

His mouth, his words, his gaze... His every touch and everything get me soaked with excitement. I don't know how he is able to do this to me. I'm still amazed every time, I'm usually dry but apparently this man, out of all of the others, was made to push my buttons. The man could send me a text and I'm damp with desire.

I decide since I need a shower, he does too; two birds and all that. I make him join me and I revel in the feel of his skin, the water caressing us both. I want him so badly and to see him kneel in front of me, to bring me pleasure with his hands, his mouth at my breast, I buck and shiver and dissolve into a pool of taunt nerve endings and arousal.

I maneuver us into the bedroom. I know I'm supposed to wait until Thursday but I no longer want him; I NEED him. He's teasing at the entrance to my very core and I'm going quietly insane. Suddenly he drives into me with a fierceness that draws a scream from my throat. It's mine, fulfillment, the fullness inside and the greatest sense of release. He suddenly withdraws and I've the strongest urge to hit him, curse him, kiss him and beg. He teasingly thrusts into me again and just as quickly out. There are tremors rocking my body and I'm fighting for control.

"What is that look for, hmmm? Why are you shaking your head?" He knows full well I'm hanging by a thread and I think he delights in it. I've been cruel, teasing him, making him ache. I haven't thought of his reasons today, just my overwhelming desire.

"Why?" I ask, I beg, I plead. Why is he denying us? His penetrating blue eyes stare deep into mine and he says, "I am honoring you. I'm saving my orgasms for Thursday with you just as you requested. I gave you my word. I will honor you, you are worth it."

Oh God, I'm done. I'm in so much trouble now as his words move me. I roll him over and climb on top. I ride him. I reason he can't stop me. I need it I need it I NEED IT. Suddenly he says, "No!" and pushes me off but it's too late. As much as he pushes me over the edge I take him with me. I'm a bad girl and I've broken my own rules.

Then he chuckles. Somehow we were playing my game, but I'm the one shaking with need right now and he's the one who got off. He makes sure to point this all out to me, including the fact that now I'm the one who won't be finding their end until Thursday. He tried so hard to hold to our bargain and in the end it was me with no self control.

It's hard to say goodbye, we keep kissing and touching and I wish I could keep him forever today, but I know that I can't. We both have commitments. I am full of longing for him already and he hasn't left the door. He chides me again for issuing challenges like that. I pout like a petulant child but am already plotting my next challenge. I'm determined to out fox him.

I kiss my lover goodbye for the millionth time, trying to ignore the fact that I'm bereft at his absence even before the fact. My desire, my longing for him are so strong. He returns my kiss, and with a gentle caress whispers against my lips, "until Thursday".


  1. I love he turned up and showed her who was boss. I would seriously be looking forward to Thursday if I was her


  2. Very nice narration, I enjoyed the teasing and playing around ~

    The ending is very promising ~ Hope it turns out very very well ~

    I wish I can write prose but I am bad at the form ~

  3. Oh my, how our games come back to bite us sometimes! Now I'm breathing heavy...


  4. I love men who are MEN..those take charge types. Yowsa.

  5. These men, the ones who can taunt us, tempt us, unravel us in this way, are so very rare. You're a lucky woman.

    This was so deliciously evocative. Thank you...

  6. Oh, so evil, I love the big tease!! :)

    ~Kazi xxx

  7. I love the playfulness described in the post, the love and lust between them :)

    Rebel xox

  8. What a lovely, light read, fun & frivolous & sexy!

    Pea ~x~