Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A's Acting

To be, or not to be the school girl was the question of the night. I stared at the skirt in my hands and let my eyes drift over to the Mary Jane stripper heels, before rolling them at the whole scenario. I've always prided myself on being open sexually and game to try anything, but I didn't know if I could pull this one off.

Random A fun fact: I don't usually go beyond two or three different phrases in the heat of sex talk. The reason being, I think I sound very, very special, and not the OMG-look-at-her-take-that-whole-banana special, more like the I-confused-snack-foods-for-my-vagina special (see Twitter). So this then has me limiting myself to a few key phrases I have grown comfortable saying.

This obviously doesn't lend itself to being a genius sexy-kitten role player. So, with visions of him thinking he is fucking William Shatner in a plaid skirt, I was a bit apprehensive to fulfill this particular fantasy. This is when my real acting skills shine. I could charm the pants off of a nun, so I quickly started trying to come up with ways and excuses not to do this.

So far the only go-to move I could come up with was to just be naked and waiting, and get his dick inside of my mouth as quickly as possible. Maybe he wouldn't notice the lack of pigtails and super itchy skirt. In a mild, sarcastic panic for a bit, I indulged the fantasies of pleading illness or insanity (I call it the snack food defense), before coming to grips that I had to at least try.

Sigh. He'd indulged the things I wanted to try, and the nightmare of getting all of that honey out of his chest hair meant that I owed it to him to at least attempt the school girl thing. On went the white knee highs which I couldn't help but admire sliding over my smooth, tan legs. Naughty red lace thong gracing the ample ass I'd come to love, that blasted skirt....

Ruby red lips in a nervous smile and a slight fidget greeted him as he came in the door. His eyes lit up in appreciation as he took in the sight of me, and my body relaxed. William Shatner or no, I knew we were going to have a great time together. He came over to take me in his arms and I made some coy remark about "Oh Mr. So-and-So! What are you doing!?" because it was his fantasy and he was breaking the rules.

It was bad... The only thing missing was the dramatic hand placed against my forehead and the fluttering of my lashes. He laughed. A lot. I laughed. Role playing just wasn't something I was ever going to be good at, but laughter during sex I can handle.

He tumbled me to the bed, and I am grateful to say, the rest of the evening was just "Let's fuck A with a plaid skirt on and try to avoid getting stabbed with the stripper heels" instead of the Shakespearean acting session I had been dreading all day.

Sometimes, as long as you try, the failed attempts at kink can be just as hot and fulfilling as those you can do like a pro.


  1. Not every sex encounter is perfect. Occasionally trying new things even if they don't work at times is better than not trying at all.

  2. Oh yes I agree... sometimes the failed attempt can be just as much fun and certainly teach you something as the ones that are a success


  3. Lovely story. Failed attempts can be so much fun. Always better to try and fail then to never try.

  4. I really applaud your willingness to try something you were not feeling super confident and excited about. I think that is far more important than how a thing might come off in the end, notwithstanding how positive an outcome you had here. It shows us a whole new side of you even though we already knew there was plenty to like already. :-) Nice post!

  5. "and the nightmare of getting all of that honey out of his chest hair meant that I owed it to him to at least attempt the school girl thing." This made me giggle.

    Also, I agree with the rest, and applaud your willingness to try!

  6. There is never anything wrong with attempting something. Not everything words out but the willingness is the key :)

  7. This made me giggle and immediately think of what I said about role play - that I will laugh and giggle all through it. But then again, having a fit of laughter together with your man can be exhilarating too!

    Rebel xox

  8. Pfft... I got the giggles over your descriptions :D

    ~Kazi xxx