Sunday, April 21, 2013

Orgasm Count - Week Two

Seen our # Orgasm Count on twitter? JohnDStories created the website, wonderfully keeps the scoreboard up-to-date, and made the most hilarious rule page based on our twitter-ings, not to mention sadly only one orgasm per session allowed.
Truly, I am just curious. So, how many orgasms do I really have...?

Mother and child an image of a sculpture by State Library of Queensland, AustraliaWeek Two:
Competition: 13                                                      Reality: 36

Interference: I have seen my husband perhaps twice this week - not two days, but twice as he passed out in bed right after waking me for sex, so there goes many opportunities for orgasms. After we were all sick last week, I also had kids' practices to make up (so double driving around), a house in disarray, and a ton of other domestic stuff to make up for. This did not lend itself to really any masturbation time, as I fell into bed pretty much exhausted every night.

This is just a very honest posting of a challenged wife and mother. And as drab as this week has been, there's also no interesting stories to share towards this count.

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  1. I kept seeing the orgasm counts in people's twitter feeds but had no clue as to the origin so this was even more enlightening than I expected.

    Hope you have a much more erotic week this week.