Friday, April 26, 2013

FFF: Is this Me? And obedient?

Rules: Key Word: Liberation, but not Freedom
Word Count: 199-209
*Accidentally looked at the wrong prompt
My mother taught to always be a strong woman. I was fiercely independent - relationships didn't compliment well.
Then I met Max. Instant attraction: tall, dark, handsome, a magnetizing smile. When I pushed for sex, he said wait.
I'm not patient....but I did. When finally physical, we'd already known intimacy, just his terms. It was amazing. As time went on, I began responding to his desires more frequently. He would grab my hair, I climaxed harder. When he told me how to please him, I was excited - not defiant, resentful. I wanted to...

This is where it's gotten me...sitting in an empty room, my back up against the wall (literally and figuratively). He had honestly shared wanting me submissive to him sexually.
So obedient? Dutiful? These words don't describe me! I think... hands pressed together,  knees bent, like in an upright fetal position. I'm not weak, I'm strong. Thinking upon last night, right before bringing me to orgasm, yanking hair - moving mouth to ear, he whispered: "Not weak. Liberation, but not freedom. Submit to me sexually, break free of biases." Then he thrusted in - I screaming and thoughtless.
Still shuddering at the words; I'd made a decision and stood up.   
Notes: I checked out the FFF through my phone. I don't know if I found an old one, or a different one to a different blog, but somehow I thought this was this weeks '- oops! Didn't discover the truth until I went to submit it Friday morning. However, I'm proud...I don't want this to not be published and seen, it was challenging to write.
This is such a tiny word count, it's ridiculous. I had to cut out 100 words once I was done with the draft. And the key word isn't a word, it's a damn phrase...but it was also highly inspirational to this story. As soon as I saw it, and the picture, I wanted to depict the inner struggle of a woman faced with this decision, against her own preconceived notions.


  1. Right blog, but from several weeks ago, for the FFE on March 22. You must have followed an old link.

    Actually, you didn't have to use the whole phrase. The idea was to use the word "liberation" without also including the word "freedom" in the story.

    Anyway, it's a good story, and glad to see you taking part.

    1. That prompt makes so much more writing sense.
      And I still have no idea how I found this and mistaked it for this week's.

  2. Nothing wrong. You agree to be submissive because you love the guy!