Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Non Vanilla Flavors

When I saw the Wicked Wednesday post, I texted my sister and asked her if she had it (like the foot fetish one for Kink of the Week); she replied she was excited to write it. I felt like I had nothing to contribute. I (and she) would definitely identify my sister with these labels, but for myself? Not so much. If I had to choose a label for myself, it would be vanilla, especially in reading so many sex bloggers.

And then I read Molly's contribution this week. And my sister, as is her lovely wont, impulsive took off for a few days on Wednesday, without writing for Wicked Wednesday yet.

Now my brain is going, and I have an opening...

So here's my non-vanilla flavors:

Source: wikipediaKnives: I've always had a thing for knives. Since I was young, I used to practice throwing them at my sister (intentionally missing, but she served as a non-target practice, if you will). Okay, not responsible, but we're siblings. Sword fighting furthered my love of cold steel, and knives have been a part of my kink for seventeen years now. I love the danger aspect, I love the rough scratchy tip, the cold feel of the steel against fevered flesh.

Bondage: almost just as long as my blade fetish, I love the control of a blindfolded and tied lover, the mischievous little imp comes out and plays, and I love the watch their reactions when I unexpectedly tease and please them. I love to hear them beg me.
I love to surrender the control as well. Always in command in my life, it's nice to not be for once. I love not knowing what's going to happen, not being able to stop them teasing me relentlessly, or to take control of my pleasure. I love to see what inventive or creative things my lover will bring in while I am blindfolded. I love the anticipation. I love the denying some senses so that I am more aware of others; likewise, I love not being able to play with them so that for once I am solely focused on my own body and reactions and pleasure.
I can easily "switch" due to the above. However, I am certainly leaning more towards submissive.

Rough sex: I have always preferred a faster pace. I love the rougher sex when I may be sore afterwards, hell I may even bleed, but it was worth it. It's more exciting to me - it shows passion (in the lack of control) in my opinion, and I'm big on that component.

Rough nipple play: just a few years into this one, I love the sensitivity of my nipples after being used roughly. The hard, sensitive buds keep me so turned-on, and serve as a constant reminder of what transpired - a secret only my body is aware of (and of course, the lover). I like my vibrating nipple clamps, but they don't always stay as well as I'd like.

Spankings: Ah, a fairly new love of mine. I've now been bruised from it, and it was awesome. Certainly, I think I am in love with a spank, or two, during the height or after-glow of orgasm, but the bruising wasn't bad either.

Wax: The newest in my repertoire, something that will be a special occasion kink, I think. I really like it, but it is certainly one of those "in the mood for" things. It's shocking and surprising, without being able to anticipate. Who knows, maybe after more uses, it may be a common occurrence.

As for roles: always being in control - from work with over a hundred people that I am in charge of, to family (not just immediate), to domestically, truly I am person who is always responsible for decisions. I want to relinquish that in my sex life - not personal life - but the partner I need in the bedroom is different from the partner I need in the living room. This has been an awareness of mine for a little over a year, and I am slowly trying to move towards that direction in my wants, and requests. It is now what I desire utmost in a lover - to not be in charge of our sex life.

So what do you know? This vanilla person can discuss BDSM.

Wicked Wednesday... be inspired & share...


  1. Loved reading this, and I have most of those same kinks, I love the idea of blades, knives are so sexy, especially the really elaborate fancy ones. Bondage, spankings, and wax are all things I've wanted to try but haven't quite convinced my fiance to try yet, not that he'll play with knives with me for that matter either but that's beside the point. Right now I just have to explore these kinks through fantasy :)

  2. Blades, bondage and rough sex...who could ask for more? Brilliant.

    Rachel x

  3. I'm pretty sure these things would not put you in the vanilla category for 95% of the population! Great post.

  4. You know, you really don't come across that vanilla to me. Perhaps hokey pokey? (Also mmmmm, knives!)

    xx Dee

  5. Bondage, wax and knife play? Doesn't sound very vanilla to me ;)

    ~Kazi xxx

  6. vanilla my arse, sounds like your swimming in the pool with the rest of
    I think often we get hung up on the sounds of things, like sadist was a hang up for me. BDSM is just a term and we all have a little freak in us somewhere.
    Great write and thanks for sharing

  7. Vanilla? That is a flavor and as I see it, reading the above, only about 5% of what makes your flavor. You, my dear, are a kinky vanilla and I love it!

    Rebel xox

  8. I love this community and am thrilled some of you consider me to sharing similar flavors. This is truly one welcoming community!
    I also appreciate that those things that many of my friends look at me funny for, many of you show that I am not alone in my likes.

  9. Looking at your list of interests, this doesn't sound vanilla at all, as what you claimed for yourself!