Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Shades of submission

The rope, it binds me firmly in it's tight embrace. Mastery, dominance, control, binds me firmly to you. I see your love in the delicate violet marks upon my skin, the rosy glow of the ropes impressed upon my body.

"You're such a good girl"

The sharp sting upon my thigh, the soft featherlight caress of your tongue and your lips soothing the offended area.

My reward for immediately obeying given to me by hanging my head over the end of the bed, filling my mouth with your delicious taste as your hands seek out the secrets held between my thighs. Fingers then stroking the delicate throat you can see yourself sliding in and out of.

The bed is drenched under your skillful ministrations and I am helpless to withstand the maelstrom of sensations you evoke within me. My drug, my release.

Finally, you move to give me the ultimate pleasure and I am not proof against the grinding of your hips and the power of your hands. We reach that sweet haven of ultimate bliss and the world pauses for a moment.

Long after life has forced us to leave our warm cocoon locked in each others arms, I carry with me the sweet reminder of who owns my heart and my body, in the lovely, delicate shades hidden upon my skin.
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  1. Wow! Beautiful rope marks! And lovely words!

    Rebel xox

  2. Satisfaction isn't only measured in words, but in deeds. Yours looks substantial on both counts!


  3. Mmmmm. Lovely words - gorgeous rope marks :)

    xx Dee