Thursday, May 9, 2013

Don Wands pink bent g dream review

This is the pink bent g dream from Don Wands and sold by Erotic Toy Town

Let's get technical

Shipping: The package came very quickly to my house. The packaging was discrete and protected, an extra concern for glass products.

View: The toy itself is a delicate pink, and the glass is smooth and beautifully crafted. You get a peek through the box at the toy, which can be misleading in regards to size.

Size matters: The overall is 8½" inches, with a ¾” diameter shaft wand widening
to approximately 1 ¼” in the center.

Down and dirty: Having a glass toy is great for product care. It is non-porous, waterproof, phthalate free, and hypo-allergenic. Clean up is easy as you can use an antibacterial soap (make sure to rinse well!), your favorite toy cleaner, or even put it in the dishwasher. 

What's it do?: The pink bent g spot locator is designed to reach and delight the elusive g spot in females. The bulbs in the handle end make it a double threat as it can be used as an anal plug. Glass craftsmanship means its one glass of water or fridge away from temperature play.

Light the candles and grab the lube

Me time
Aesthetic: The toy is lovely to look at and beautifully smooth in your hand. I love a toy that has little weight to it, it means the glass will hold the temperature longer, and I'm not afraid to break it. Once I removed the toy from the box, it seemed a lot smaller than I had originally thought.

Vaginal play: I have a shallow g spot, so g spot toys are a bit tricky for me. The shape and size of this toy worked for me, but it wasn't the easiest. The toy is by far, the smallest in diameter in my repertoire, including other small g spot toys I have. If you aren't a size queen, this one might be your best friend.

Anal Play: I am definitely keeping this one in rotation for anal play. While again, it is smaller than some of my other toys, the beads on the end, and the length give it something other's don't have. The bent g spot vaginal side makes a great handle for in and out motion, making it the most convenient anal toy I own for that. 

Is it hot in here?: Temperature play with this toy is great. It picks up the heat or cold quickly (in about 30 seconds, if you're not looking for long term), and is ready. While it doesn't maintain cold for long if you're overheated like some thicker counterparts, it does get the job done and a glass of ice water next to the bed will quickly recharge.

I prefer O's over Stars...

The O system ratings (1-5)

Overall: OOOO
Vaginal: OO
Anal: OOOO
Regular rotation: OOO

Closing thoughts: I definitely like this glass toy. The length vs.diameter on this makes it a unique toy that fits a class not many others fit for anal. Erotic Toy Town really delivered with a great product, great shipping times and packaging and a great selection. 

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