Saturday, May 4, 2013

Ass April

A is out right now with her arm in a sling, but M still wanted to showcase some awesomeness this month.
M's monthly picks:

Category: Husband read this and do it!
She wrote several in a role that I kept showing my husband, and I realized I needed to wait to read Molly until I could masturbate or have husband on hand. Hot, hot, hot!

Category: Picture that got me hot and bothered: Some one I would like to straddle and slowly, savoring, ease my way down the length hidden from view, running my fingers through his manly hair (I really have a thing for hair - just not too hairy).

Category: Family facetiousness:
A's Acting: I laughed and could envision her bad acting skills, I've seen when she is purposefully dramatic, and it is a sight worth seeing - especially if you need to be cheered up. In detail I saw her hand go to her forehead and the head tilt damsel-in-distress-style, with her elongating her syllables, trying to go for sultry and breathless.

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  1. What wonderful selections in this post. Many thanks for sharing the "hot and bothered" pic - yummy! I'm happy to have found your blog an look forward to catching up with all the sexiness here!