Friday, May 24, 2013

Predicament Ponderings

 FFF Prompt = Predicament

Word Length = 250 words
Forbidden Words = "Hard" "Peek" "Trouble"
Bonus words = 25 extra words if Gain 1 new follower this week
Extra Credit if you make it somewhat truthful.

My man was in a predicament. I'd a large bed, even more amazing by there was a metal "halo" hanging over it, perfect for tying his hands up. I blindfolded him, but not before he got my nipple in his mouth and sucked, slightly using teeth as I pulled away.
I stepped back to survey my toy. He was so sexy, his arms, I wanted to run my nails lightly over them, feeling the muscles tense in anticipation. I wanted to run my fingers through his chest hair, nip at his nipples like he had the audacity to do to me; wanted to trail my tongue down his stomach, following indent of stomach to hip to gloriousness.
His small black underwear must've slipped sideways. His cock was peeking out, head already so swollen. I had trouble in past moving closer to not tip him, but I did softly and breathed on the penis tip. He tensed, his stomach clenching the slightest amount. I leisurely moved mouth over the head, careful not to touch skin, before pressing lips right under the head. I circled my tongue around the tip, underneath the ridge of the head, sucking hard as I slowly moved up the brief distance until all that was left was a small kiss at the top; he had sucked in his breath when first sucked and exhaled almost as slowly as my progress up. I kissed the precum, a chaste kiss, and licked my lips.   
I deliberated my next move...
*Truthful elements: I have a very large bed (California King) with four posts and metal connecting the posts, meeting in the middle like a halo. I've not tied a man to this, but I have tied men to the posts, and other than being completely naked while tied up, the rest is pretty much all true.  

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  1. Haha, I didn't realize those were forbidden words, I thought they were words we used. See what happens when I type tired? I had a hard time, going to all the trouble, to peek those words in. Darn.

  2. "the rest is pretty much all true...." Wow, that makes the entire story so much hotter. Thanks for joining in and raising the temperature for everyone.

    happy FFF!

  3. Yummy. I thought... she writes like she's done it. Heh. Fun FFFing with you!

  4. Great job Cam. Love your attention to detail when it came to his breathing and hers.

  5. Arousing read, wonderfully written xx

  6. Never seen this prompt before. I think I will give it a go. :) The picture is yummy!

    Great read. Thanks.