Thursday, May 23, 2013

Wasn't Convinced

Most girls outgrow traditional cover-up panties when they get older, and they move onto something sexier, be it g-string, thong, boy shorts... the list is long. I didn't. I kept with the same boring underwear . You know, the kind that cover every bit and normally reserved for days that the monthly comes.

A sister changed over, and then another. Watching the g-string go up their crack, I asked, "doesn't it bother you having something up your butt all day?"

"No, you don't even feel it, it's so thin. Unlike your underwear, where you get wedgies and they suck. And there aren't any panty lines in dresses and pants."

I wasn't convinced, and didn't change over.


I was in a long term relationship. We bought a house together, shared a checking account (there is no bigger commitment to me - not even marriage, than these two things).  

We booked a cruise, and I bought a slinky dress (which I normally don't wear). My underwear showed so apparently that I decided that at least for this dress, I would wear a g-string.

And I was sold from that point on. My sister was right: no wedgie, fabric so slight that I was unaware of it after a period of time.  

Sure, I slowly transitioned from my boring underwear to g-strings, and then tried some boy shorts, and other types. I began feeling sexier about my undergarments. I wanted all the sudden for my bras to match my sexy panties. I no longer worried if the pants or dresses would show my underwear.



My partner started questioning why all the sudden I was trying to be sexy. Who did I have to impress? Who was going to see under my clothes? Why did I need to replace one type with another? Why was I wanted more form fitting pants and purchasing more dresses?

...Who was seeing under my clothes?  Why was I changing? Why was I showing more skin? Why did I start dressing like a whore?

                                   Who was I sleeping with?

He didn't believe my simplistic reasons, he wasn't convinced. There was a sinister reason, he believed. Suddenly everything I did was suspect, I could no longer do anything without being questioned.

                                 All over my choice of panties.

Yoga I've been doing for years: why did I still have to do? Why was I trying to be more flexible, to move in more positions?

Eating healthy: didn't I look good enough?

Watching a new television program: who introduced me to that?

Going out with friends: was I really going out with friends? "Send me a picture of you and your friends."

This went on for quite awhile, until I had enough. Sadly, looking back, I let it continue far too long. It might not have started with panties, it might have triggered by so many different factors that I was unaware of (his friend was cheated on, he was gaining weight, we were so serious so young...the list is far longer than the types of panties). Unfortunately, the material covering my ass was just the first target. And who knows: it could've been the change in undergarments.

But my ass, and the lack of material covering it, was out of there.

It's amazing how some people perceive fabric at our innermost layer.  For some, it reflects our innermost fantasies, desires. It represents us, our scent, our secret, our sex. It can reflect our time of the month, our insecurities, our confidence, our sensual side.

It can create suspicion, incite lust, kick start relationships, or end them.  



  1. You're so right about how we perceive fabric and I'd never really thought about it but I can completely change the way I feel about myself by changing my underwear, from big "protective" boy pants to skimpy show-off g-strings.

  2. Nice post. What an insecure jerk to be so suspicious about everything. And as for the g-string - I never could do it. I tried and tried. People said I wouldn't feel it...I did, and it was damned annoying. But, sexy underwear are still a must. I refuse to wear granny panties. Even when I am old.

  3. Hmmm I love those last two Paragraphs. Parts of which are so true for me "reflects my innermost fantasies, desires, insecurities,confidence, my sensual side. It represents my secret" And you have illustrated that panties can change lives :) wow - 'All Power to the (Pink) Panties' then :)

  4. *hugs you* From a g-string to leaving a relationship - like a butterfly flapping its wings!

    You know, I still can't wear g-strings. I own two, but they are for extremely occasionals and only a few hours at a time :)

    xx Dee

  5. That is quite a powerful tale, amazing how people change really, what was once someone we could communicate with becomes someone we don't even really recognise any more.


  6. The "butterfly effect" in full force, Dee hits it on the head. Forgive the pun, but the panties were only a wedge(ie) issue. Once it got in his head his inner world began to crack and he spun out a worst case scenario that got the best of him.

    When I lost a lot of weight a few years ago, my wedding ring became really loose and with my job at the time (working a lot with my hand and ALL over the place) I was worried it would slip off, so I removed it and put it on my key ring until I could have it resized. My wife didn't buy that at all.

    Are you trying to get rid of the tan line?
    are you trying to fool someone?
    Do you not want to be married anymore?

    When i got it re-sized by my jeweler, the questions ended, but the suspicion never did. Great post, very insightful.

  7. I read with growing astonishment at how insecure he got the more secure and sexy you felt. Good that you got out of it, because once jealousy and suspicions get into a relationship, it's so hard to get it out again and return to happier times.

    Rebel xox

  8. It's a shame that this partner didn't take you at your word. I don't really understand why someone would get so mad at their partner dressing sexier, but then again I guess it would worry me a little bit as well. I think I'd try to take them at their word though.

    Being able to wear and do whatever you want without question is definitely more important than trying to please a paranoid person. I'm glad things are different for you now!

  9. Interesting correlation. It's true; the smallest change in self can affect the outcome of your entire future. Funny that it began with panties, but aren't you glad now to have made the change? By the way, I am a boy short lover all the way! xxx