Friday, May 10, 2013

FFF: First Time

Key word = Disclosure

word limit = 200

Extra credit = share your "real number" along side your Publicly Claimed Number

She raked his back, arching, before remembering disclosure: it's my first time - reminded herself. It kept her focused on that facade, away from the feeling sensations.

He gauged her reaction, trying to go slow. I've had so many women, he thought, but this is the hottest. When her nails clawed his back, he thought of other women doing the same, countless women. Faceless though, with this lovely in his view, eyes shut in concentration. Amazing, letting him have this moment.

"Is it supposed to be this big?" She murmured, eyes suddenly open, trying for bewildered.

He laughed. "Oh yes. You feel so tight. I've never had it so good. I'm going to try to get you cum. Relax." Whispered command, kissing her lips softly, thrusting faster with more force.

She closed eyes again, began arching purposely; couldn't keep appreciative moans silent. He knew how to move, and she found herself unwilling reaching orgasm.

When she tightened, he came, slowed, withdrew, and rolled over to his side, draping an arm across.

"Was that good?"

She smile. "So good. Too bad I'm your first and only, you'd be really good for virgins."

He thought how lucky that she had the experience to switch roles with him.

**This is completely inspired by my lover and myself. Full public disclosure of myself: I tell people I am more than 1 and less than 100. 


  1. I love exploring the games we play with our "number." Too high and we get the head-shake of shame, too low, we get the quizzical look that judges just as harshly.

    Thanks for joining in, your voice is always appreciated.

    My favorite phrase? "She murmured, eyes suddenly open, trying for bewildered." Cracks me up.

  2. Real Number: 1

    I married my first girlfriend and we do not have an open relationship (and I have not strayed)

    And I am honest about that.


    Lovely post BTW!

  3. "Is it supposed to be this big?" Hee! Great take! So fun FFFing with you!